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Oppose PLA’s Bad for Small & Minority Businesses
We have one more request!  We need you to make 5 calls and send 5 emails and have your clients do the same.

1) Legislation is moving forward by Sen. Saslaw (D) (SB 182), which will allow state and local governments to mandate anti-competitive and costly project labor agreements on state and local public works construction projects.
If passed, this will cut out state local contractors and subcontractors who are not in a union in favor of out of state unionized firms &workers.
Government-mandated Project Labor Agreements - PLAs force contractors to follow union work rules and hire most or all workers on a jobsite from specified union hiring halls and union apprenticeship programs instead of employees already employed by their company.
Government-mandated PLAs also cause nonunion workers (and some union workers) to lose an estimated 20% in wages and benefits unless they join a specific union and pay membership dues and meet the union benefits plan's vesting requirements. It's a form of wage theft that will harm working families employed in Virginia's construction industry as well as Virginia taxpayers.
For these reasons, a total of 25 states-including Virginia in 2012 outlaw government-mandated PLAs on public works projects, thereby ensuring fair and open competition on taxpayer-funded construction projects so the public can get the best possible construction project at the best possible price.

In short, the proposed legislation will allow state and local governments to harm Virginia's small, women & minority owned businesses, kill jobs for Virginia's skilled construction workforce and needlessly force taxpayers to pay 12% to 18% more for construction projects likes schools, affordable housing, roads, bridges and other infrastructure needs when PLAs are mandated. Virginia lawmakers should be creating opportunities for all Virginians to rebuild their communities instead of only well-connected special interests. 

We need to specifically call AND email the following Legislators:
Senator Lynwood Lewis – Peninsula & Tidewater
Senator George Barker - NOVA
Senator Creigh Deeds – Roanoke, Valley & Piedmont
Senator Monty Mason – Peninsula, Richmond & Tidewater
Senator John Edwards – Roanoke & Valley
2) Please share this action alert with your team, colleagues and friends who will be negatively impacted by these bills. Together, we can make a difference and keep Virginia competitive by educating lawmakers and the public about how these bills will increase costs and hurt the local and state employee.
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