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AGCVA: Contact Your Senator to Support SB 1209 on Wage Theft
During the 2020 Virginia General Assembly Session a bill was passed which created a series of laws related to Wage Theft. The law now places the burden of policing the issue on general contractors.
Further, the law now makes Virginia-based contractors responsible for the wages paid to companies in other states who manufacture goods used on projects in Virginia (e.g., the manufacturer of an air conditioner unit made in Ohio).
If left unchanged, this new law will harm Virginia businesses and make it considerably harder and more expensive to build critical buildings and infrastructure across the Commonwealth.
SB 1209 by Senator Chap Peterson fixes these two most egregious issues. First, it clarifies that contractors in Virginia are not responsible for the wages being paid to suppliers in other states. Second, it provides a defense to contractors if they secure written confirmation from the subcontractor that they are complying with the law.

We need your help in seeing to the passage of this fix.

Contact your senator today and tell them to vote YES on SB 1209. It will fix these issues without changing the original intent of last year's wage theft legislation.

Brandon Robinson, CAE
Associated General Contractors of Virginia
P: 804-364-5504 x205 
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