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Call Your Senators & Delegates to OPPOSE SB426 - SB182 - HB153 - HB582
Several Bills are Anti-Competitive for the Construction Industry. 
Unions are Calling Legislators.  YOU NEED to CALL to OPPOSE these Bills!

SB 426 forces unionization (misnamed the "fair share act") by requiring all employees to pay up to 60% of labor union dues regardless of union membership.

SB 182  allows Project Labor Agreements on state & local projects when they want.  PLA’s reduce competition & disenfranchise SWaM contractors.  PLA's will mandate union only contractors on state and local contracts.

HB 582 allows for public sector collective bargaining - this is the House's first step towards expanded unionization, and Illinois and California-style government costs, services, and strikes - except they exempted employees of the legislature from collective bargaining! It already passed in the House Appropriations Committee 12-8 last night. Now it's time to stop it in its tracks.

HB 153 repeals the Right-to-Work - eliminates the statutory protections from being forced to join a union to get a job or keep a job.
The Stakes
Several bills will be heard on SUNDAY – because they think you are NOT paying attention.  Call & e-mail TODAY.  These bills threaten free enterprise and competitiveness. They are an intrusion into the employer-employee relationship, and, if passed, will halt job creation, hurt business development, and hinder economic growth in the Commonwealth.
How You Can Help
Keep Virginia competitive. Don't let Richmond enact the failed policies of California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey! Virginians deserve better!

Call your Senator today and demand they oppose SB426.

Call your Delegates today and demand they oppose HB582 and HB153.

Let's get those phones ringing! Find your legislators here.  Your team and clients ALL need to respond.
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