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Where Do You Stand on Forced Vaccines?
Vaccines carry grave risks.  COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent the recipient from getting or spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.  Manufacturers of vaccines carry no liability for harm and death caused by vaccines, while simultaneously acquiring billions of dollars in annual profits for these products.

I am an elected member of the Minnesota Legislature, and represent my constituents.

I hereby state my position as to whether I support prohibiting the practice of forcing individuals to take a liability-free vaccine that goes against their faith, conscience, personal beliefs, or the medical advice of their personal healthcare provider.  

The word "force" means any form of vaccine coercion, including but not limited to: loss of employment or failure to be hired due to vaccine status, loss of benefits, loss of ability to participate in society, loss of ability to attend school, loss of ability to attend faith gatherings, loss of ability to attend day service programs, bribery, shaming, loss of ability to freely attend events or travel, and being forced to reveal private medical information.

Answering "Yes" means I will work as an elected official to protect Minnesotans from forced or coerced vaccines, and will oppose all forms of vaccine passports or proof of vaccination.

Answering "No" means that I believe people should be forced or coerced against their will to be vaccinated.

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