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Ask Congress to Support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act!
Wildlife professionals: send a message to your member of Congress requesting their support for this game-changing legislation.

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act (H.R. 3742) will provide much-needed funding for wildlife professionals to implement on-the-ground, proactive conservation measures for the benefit of all Americans.

If enacted, state and tribal wildlife agencies will have the needed resources to work towards the conservation of America's 12,000 identified at-risk species before costlier conservation measures, such as Endangered Species Act listings, are required. 

These at-risk species, known as Species of Greatest Conservation Need, currently only receive about $60 million in federal funds annually. This funding is subject to the annual appropriations process, and results in financial uncertainty for state and tribal agencies making decisions on what conservation projects to support. The Recovering America's Wildlife Act will address this challenge by bringing in $1.4 billion annually for states and tribes to perform the work necessary to conserve and maintain these at-risk species.

This legislation was introduced to the U.S. House in July by Representatives Debbie Dingell (D-MI) and Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE). We have seen phenomenal bipartisan support for the bill, with dozens of members of Congress signing on as cosponsors. With your help, we can reach well over 100 cosponsors before the end of the year.

Send a message directly to your representative by filling out the form on the right. Depending on whether or not your member of Congress has already cosponsored the legislation, you will either be prompted to send a letter requesting your representative support the bill, or a letter thanking your representative for cosponsoring.

Additional information on the Recovering America's Wildlife Act can be found below:

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