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Support AB 770 Help Reduce the Shortage of Affordable Homes

Below is the personalized letter that will be emailed to your legislators:

Dear (personalized to senator/representative),

I'm writing today to ask you to support the Wisconsin Housing Affordability Bill (AB 770), legislation aimed at increasing the supply and reducing the cost of housing in Wisconsin by (a) streamlining the local approval process for new subdivisions, (b) reducing the local fees imposed on new homes, and (c) creating incentives for municipalities to increase the supply of more affordable homes on smaller lots. 
Housing affordability is a growing economic development issue in Wisconsin. Local government regulation contributes to the housing affordability problem by unnecessarily restricting the supply and imposing excessive fees on new housing construction.  As a result of local regulations and several other factors, the cost of housing continues to outpace the average wage increases throughout Wisconsin, which makes it more challenging for Wisconsin workers and families to own a home.  Moreover, with states competing for a limited, skilled workforce, housing affordability for workers is becoming a more important consideration for businesses in deciding where to locate.
Two reasons why AB 770 is necessary to help address the lack of housing Wisconsin families can afford:

Reason #1 - Wisconsin has a growing housing affordability issue primarily due to a supply shortage and excessive regulatory costs

  • Wisconsin housing inventory is low
  • Median home prices continue to rise
  • New home starts are significantly lagging historical averages
Reason #2 - Local government regulation is a barrier to housing affordability by increasing costs and restricting supply
  • Government regulation adds an estimated 25% to the costs of a new single-family home
  • The compounding of numerous local, state and federal requirements has a profound impact on housing affordability and homeownership.
  • The costs of regulation on a 2016 new home valued at $384,000 would be approximately $84,671
  • Government approval processes and fees restrict the supply of homes that families can afford

Please help reduce the shortage of homes that Wisconsin families can afford by supporting AB 770.   

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