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Federal Issues
BACKGROUND Deserving, carefully-vetted Syrian and Iraqi refugees who are being resettled to the United States are fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq. Catholics and other people of good will are generously contributing to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees abroad and... [+] more
BACKGROUND The Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA) will close loopholes in existing law and provide a private right of action so that health care providers, whose freedom of conscience is denied, can defend their rights in court. ANDA would forbid discrimination... [+] more
BACKGROUND In the richest and most prosperous country in the world, over 45 million people live in poverty. The younger children are, the more likely they are to live in poverty. One in five children live below the poverty line; and nearly a quarter of all children under... [+] more
BACKGROUND Deserving, carefully-vetted Syrian refugees who are being resettled to the United States are fleeing from the Syrian conflict, including the brutality of ISIS. Catholics and other people of good will are generously contributing to help Syrian refugees abroad and... [+] more
CATHOLIC TEACHING Our Catholic tradition supports the community's right to establish and enforce laws that protect people and advance the common good. But our faith also teaches us that both victims and offenders have a God-given dignity that calls for justice and... [+] more
Catholic Teaching The Second Vatican Council declared, "[T]he human person has a right to religious freedom. This freedom means that all persons are to be immune from coercion on the part of individuals or of social groups and of any human power, in such wise that no one... [+] more
BACKGROUND Pope Francis has said that "[t]he need to resolve the structural causes of poverty cannot be delayed, not only for the pragmatic reason of its urgency for the good order of society, but because society needs to be cured of a sickness which is weakening and... [+] more
Background H.R. 3301, "To prohibit Federal funding of Planned Parenthood Federation of America," was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, and S. 1881 was introduced in the U.S. Senate. Consideration of S. 1881 was blocked in early August on a procedural vote... [+] more
Background Syria was once a vibrant hub of Middle Eastern culture and history, but for the past four years, civil war has torn apart the country, causing the deaths of over 200,000 people and leaving more than 12 million displaced. In Iraq last year there were 33,000... [+] more
Background It is widely recognized that citizens were deeply shaken by the revelations of Dr. Kermit Gosnell's actions. Dr. Gosnell ran the Women's Medical Society abortion clinic in Philadelphia, and was convicted of murdering three infants who were born alive during... [+] more
Background In recent years, tensions regarding Iran's nuclear program brought sweeping international sanctions and talk of military intervention. The sanctions have had a crippling effect on that nation's economy and on the lives of ordinary Iranians. The election of... [+] more
Tell Your Senators and Representative Now is the Time for Criminal Justice Reform! August 12, 2015   Most members of Congress will be home during the summer recess between August 3 and September 7. Take this opportunity to write or visit your Senators and... [+] more
Background Climate change is at the center of the environmental challenges facing the global community. The effects of climate change are borne by the most vulnerable people, whether at home or around the world. The Catholic Church brings a distinct perspective to the... [+] more
Please join in urging Congress to support our cherished rights of conscience and religious liberty. Policy is being considered right now on Capitol Hill that can protect the freedom of all Americans.  Please take action today!   Background: Urge Congress to... [+] more
State Issues
BACKGROUND: A sex-selection abortion is used to prevent the birth of a child of an undesired sex. The victims of sex-selection abortion are overwhelmingly female. Seven states currently ban abortions for the purpose of sex selection as does Canada. The... [+] more
BACKGROUND: The Washington Legislature is considering HB 2545 which would ban the sale of children's products and residential upholstered furniture containing certain toxic chemicals. In 2013, the Washington State Catholic Conference (WSCC) provided testimony in support of... [+] more
BACKGROUND:  SB 5289 would require parental notification prior to abortions performed on girls who are unemancipated and under 18. Unless the parent or guardian has waived their right to notice, or there is a medical emergency, the abortion practitioner must give... [+] more
BACKGROUND:  When a person is convicted of a crime, the court imposes legal financial obligations (LFOs), these may include fees, fines and restitution.  The interest rate on repayment is about 12 percent.  As a condition of the sentence, there is a... [+] more
Other Issues
In this issue of the Advocacy Bulletin, you will find information on: Resources for Respect Life Month Initiatives on the November ballot Cornerstone update Upcoming events: Mass for Life & Catholic Advocacy Day New video series on Catholic Social Teaching... [+] more
Prepares Marks First Birthday Announced at last October's Cornerstone Catholic Conference, the Prepares program has completed its first year of operation. Prepares is a nurturing response of the Catholic community of Washington State to assist pregnant women and their... [+] more
August 6, 2015 Videos Place Planned Parenthood under Renewed Scrutiny On July 29th, Cardinal Seán O'Malley, OFM Cap., archbishop of Boston and chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), commented on recent videos... [+] more
July 13, 2015 2015 Legislative Session Finally Ends On Friday, July 10th, the longest Washington State legislative session, finally adjourned after 178 days and three special sessions.  A history-making adventure in politics and compromise. The second special... [+] more
WA Legislators Continue Budget Negotiations The Legislature has completed the third week of the Second Special Session and the budget deadline is looming. If a new budget is not approved by the legislators and signed by the governor by June 30, all non-essential state... [+] more
June 3, 2015 Second Special Session Required The first 30-day special session of the Legislature ended last Thursday and Governor Jay Inslee immediately called the second 30-day special session which began on Friday, May 29. The second session will end on June 27... [+] more
March 9, 2015 Our sincere thanks to all of you who have taken action in recent weeks to advocate on behalf of legislation that helps poor and vulnerable people. Your efforts are really having an impact as most of the bills continue to move through the legislative process... [+] more
March 2, 2015 Most of the bills the Catholic Advocacy Bulletin has been tracking this session are still under consideration by the legislature. The next hurdle for bills that are still "alive' is for them to be voted out of their respective Rules Committees and placed on... [+] more
February 9, 2015 With less than two weeks left before the first major deadline in the 2015 Legislative Session, one can sense a greater urgency among legislators and their staff. Policy bills must be voted out of their originating committees by February 20th or they are... [+] more