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Urge Senators to Oppose Threat to Life

ESHB 1523 mandates that health care plans in the State of Washington offer "preventive services" as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.  This includes contraceptive coverage at no cost and emergency contraception, drugs that cause abortions, called "abortifacients."  The Affordable Care Act mandates almost all who offer or purchase a health plan, including individuals and employers who oppose abortion, to cover contraceptives and abortifacients.

Catholic Teaching
Deeply rooted in the Catholic faith is the belief that life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death.  There is no equivocation about this belief.  Abortion is the taking of human life.  "Procured abortion is the deliberate and direct killing, by whatever means it is carried out, of a human being in the initial phase of his or her existence, extending from conception to birth."  - The Gospel of Life, no. 58, Pope St. John Paul II

"In an unprecedented way, the federal government will both force religious institutions to facilitate and fund a product contrary to their own moral teaching and purport to define which religious institutions are "religious enough" to merit protection of their religious liberty. These features of the "preventive services" mandate amount to an unjust law." - USCCB, Our First, Most Cherished Liberty, 2012
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