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Economic Development Programs Remain a Priority for PA

With the long-term viability of the Commonwealth’s small business community hanging in the balance, a continued focus on economic development recovery is critical. In fact, the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association (“PEDA”) contends that economic development, as a component of the recovery, should come second only to healthcare practices to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

The professionals who comprise PEDA’s membership live and work in your districts, counties, and communities. They have the experience and expertise to help regional economies which, in turn, help the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 recovery efforts. The following reflect legislative and budgetary priorities which will provide these professionals the tools to assemble, land, buildings, and complex financing stacks to attract and grow a modern economy in Pennsylvania.  

Please lend your voices to these efforts by utilizing the information on this page. Based on your preferences, you may opt to contact your legislators directly via the Center’s “Compose Your Message” tool or, alternatively, to copy and customize the sample letter provided.
Thank you for your efforts.

Dear Legislator:

I work for an economic development agency that serves the local economy of my area and the state. As you know, there is plenty of hard work ahead to help bring back the economy and jobs for the residents of the Commonwealth and we are available as a resource with these efforts.

The state has seen a growing importance in ensuring entities involved in the administration of key economic development programs receive the proper training and information and thus am writing in support of HB2265 introduced by Representative Lee James (Venango). Hb2265 recently passed out of the Hose Commerce Committee in a unanimous vote, and I am asking for your support to see this critical bill advance further during budget negotiations.

In addition, a reduction of the Corporate Net Income Tax (CNIT) should be considered for this years’ budget. This directly incentivizes and rewards business growth without negatively impacting state budgets. Our support for reducing CNIT also stems from the desire to give businesses additional tools to grow out of COVID that encounter supply chain disruption and historic inflation.

Organizations such as mine are uniquely positioned to further assist the State to help local businesses and communities recover. We are in every legislative district, county and community within Pennsylvania and have the experience and expertise required to help our economy recover from COVID-19.  Now is the time to align Pennsylvania’s policies and priorities towards economic growth. Your assistance of this legislation would be greatly appreciated, and we look forward to ongoing discussions to ensure Pennsylvania is poised to be an economic driver in the region and country.  

Please feel free to contact myself or my agency to discuss any one of these items.


PEDA Member Organization

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