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Tell Lawmakers to Support the Education Scholarship Tax Credit

Education scholarship tax credits are powerful tools used by 19 states, including Rhode Island, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, to help connect children with scholarships that give their parents more options about where they attend elementary, middle, and high school. 

In each state, the tax credit reimburses people when they contribute to an organization that provides scholarships to families that need help paying school tuition. Connecticut’s own scholarship-granting organizations do tremendous work helping children who live near or below the poverty line—but their budgets limit how many children they can help each year, and many remain on waiting lists. These scholarships proved especially important during the pandemic, when they allowed many Connecticut children to go to school in-person while their neighborhood public schools were closed. 

By creating its own tax credit, Connecticut can encourage more people to donate and help these organizations create thousands of additional scholarships—for thousands of disadvantaged children—each year. 

Using a tax credit, instead of paying schools directly, will leverage more private donations and pull more money into education. It also creates two layers of accountability for scholarship-granting organizations, which must deliver results both for the people supporting their program and the families using them. Plus, it doesn’t change the existing funding for public schools, and won’t cost any more than the tax breaks Connecticut already gives to Hollywood film and television producers. 

Please ask your state representative, your state senator, and Governor Lamont to support HB 6175, which will give Connecticut its own education scholarship tax credit—and offer thousands of Connecticut children and their families access to the education they deserve. 

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