We Must Fund the Arts Commission
As lawmakers move into serious negotiations over the State of Arizona budget for FY2025, we need to remind them how important it is to fund the Arizona Commission on the Arts. This week is a crucial time for you to add your voice to the choir.

Last year, the Commission received a $5 million state appropriation, which helped the Commission meet the growing demand for grants from artists, festivals and arts organizations across the state. But as of today, in light of an overall deficit in the State Budget, we run the risk of receiving NO DOLLARS for the Commission. This could be devastating to a wide range of organizations and legislators need to hear those stories of how deep the impact would be.

We are asking you to take as little as 30 seconds to deliver an urgent message to your three legislators: fund the Commission. To act now, you simply need to enter your address to ensure that your email message reaches your State Senator and your two State Representatives. 

The message is written for you. BUT it is more powerful if you add your own personal impact in the message box to the right. If the loss of Commission funding means laying off artists, shutting down a program or canceling a performance, please add the impact story in the personal story section provided. It might take a few minutes to write that story, but the local impact will resonate strongly with your elected lawmakers.

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