Bill C-367 Calls Religious Speech Hate Speech

Bill C-367 was introduced last fall by Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet. This insidious proposal, which claims to fight antisemitism, will actually strike a fatal blow against freedom of religion and freedom of expression in Canada. 

Bill C-367 eliminates the “religious exemption” in Section 319 of the Criminal Code, which states: “No person shall be convicted of a [hate crime] offence… if, in good faith, the person expressed or attempted to establish by an argument an opinion on a religious subject or an opinion based on a belief in a religious text.” By eliminating this exemption, Bill C-367 will empower police to treat religious Canadians as hate-criminals if they criticize any identifiable groups. 

Bill C-367 is a dangerous threat to every citizen’s right to express their faith in public. Religiously-based expression that is critical of gender ideology, child sexualization, and child sex change will likely be deemed “hate speech” against the LGBT community if this bill is passed. We will be forced to decide between keeping silent or going to prison while leftist activists and politicians are free to extend their woke ideology all across our nation. 

Bill C-367’s proponents are using the pretense of the recent rise of antisemitic demonstrations. Mr. Blanchet has implied that the reason police are allowing antisemitic speech to happen is because our Criminal Code contains a “religious speech” defence against “hate crime” charges, and therefore, this defence must be eliminated.  

But if the government truly believes that the annihilation of Jews is being promoted, why not enforce existing laws already on the books? According to Section 318 of the Criminal Code, it is a crime to advocate genocide! Why isn’t Mr. Blanchet calling for this law to be enforced, right now? Why does he want to restrict everyone’s freedom of religious expression instead?  

Clearly, Bill C-367 is not really about preventing the advocacy of antisemitism, but rather, it’s just an opportunistic and cynical ruse to allow for the prosecution of Christian pastors and laypeople who preach biblical truths about human sexuality. In time, government authorities will also prosecute Jewish rabbis and Muslim imams when they express traditional sexual ethics. 

Bill C-367 must be stopped, and we need your help to stop it! Take a moment to send an Action Alert Email to your Member of Parliament today and ask him or her to stand up for our right to share our religious values and beliefs in the public square.

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