ALERT – Harvard polls show Americans want lower immigration, more enforcement. Tell Congress to pass the RAISE Act!

ACTION ALERT – Harvard polls show Americans want lower immigration, more enforcement. Tell your Senators and Representative to support the new RAISE Act!

During this coronavirus scourge, CAPS wishes you good health and encourages you to take appropriate precautions. One might hope that politicians who have embraced open borders would back away from this insanity, but do not count on it. One might hope they would also question the growing population densities and concomitant globalization that facilitates the spread of epidemics but do not count on that either.


Another Harvard/Harris poll has shown that voters are ahead of the politicians and support moves to reduce immigration. Nearly four in five voters endorse the idea of an “immigration halt” in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

To separate policy preferences from political preferences, the poll  [CLICK HERE TO READ POLL ] did not mention President Trump by name. Trump’s implementation of a rule to deny green cards to immigrants who are likely to use welfare benefits was widely condemned by leftists, but 60% of voters support it. A proposal to allow victims of crimes by illegal aliens to sue sanctuary cities for damages drew 55% support.

A 2018 Harvard-Harris poll that found 81% of voters want to cut legal immigration and 63% would like to see it cut by at least half. 

The RAISE Act, S 1103, by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), would do much to implement appropriate reductions in immigration levels. Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) has introduced the companion bill, HR 2278. 

Tell your Senators and Representative to support the new RAISE Act!

The bill would lower overall immigration to 637,960 in its first year with a goal of achieving a 50 percent reduction in legal immigration by the tenth year. The legislation would replace the current employment-visa program with a skills-based points system, similar to the systems used by Canada and Australia. It would abolish the visa lottery and retain preferences for the spouses and minor children of U.S. residents, but eliminate preferences for extended family members. 

America needs an updated immigration policy, one that reduces immigration to more traditional levels in order to protect the environment, relieve crowding and congestion, and raise wages of American workers. 

Tell your officials in Washington to control immigration and support the RAISE Act.


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