Tell Congress: Suspend the Medical Device Tax & Spur MedTech Innovation
California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) is strongly opposed to the medical device tax because it harms job creation and impedes economic growth in California and deters innovation in new technologies that are so critically needed by patients. In recognition that the tax created devastating unintended consequences, Congress suspended the tax in 2015 - but only for two years. If Congress doesn't act to delay or repeal the tax by the end of the year, the tax goes back into effect in 2018.

At a time when we should be doing everything we can to encourage investment, innovation and job creation, the medical device tax will only discourage and threaten important R&D, and put jobs in California and across the country at risk. The device tax has a disproportionately negative impact in California - our state's 1,714 medical technology companies employ over 77,000 people, representing 18.6% of the nation's medical technology workforce and ranking the state #1 in the country in medical technology employment.
CLSA has been a leading advocate in opposing the ill-conceived medical device tax, and strongly supports suspension or repeal. On behalf of California's life sciences innovators, a sector with over 3,000 firms employing nearly 300,000 people, CLSA joins the rest of the biomedical innovation ecosystem in supporting scrapping the device tax, which would jeopardize our position as a global leader in medical technology innovation.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Call on Congress to immediately eliminate this costly tax on innovation. Your voice is critical to nurturing the vibrancy of California's life sciences sector, which relies heavily on R&D. Send a letter, tweet or call your member of Congress and tell them to finally eliminate the medical device tax for good.
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