SB 1383 (Jackson) Family Leave Mandate
Members –
SB 1383 was NOT taken up on the Assembly Floor on Monday due to all of the outreach expressing concern.  Thank you for your efforts!! 

The next scheduled Assembly Floor session is August 17th.  Please continue to express your concern to your legislators.

Below are talking points to help get your message to your legislator.  

Talking Points:
Small employers with only 5 employees cannot take on the burden of providing 12 weeks of leave to each employee.  This would devastate our operations and increase our costs.  We are already suffering because of the pandemic and adding this burden to the challenges we are already facing will be overwhelming. 
In addition to providing the leave, we are concerned with the risk of litigation if we make any mistake in implementing the leave.  As a business owner, I do my best to comply with all of the different labor law requirements.  But it is challenging to keep up and to make sure no unintentional mistakes are made.  A lawsuit could put us out of business.
We already do our best to take care of our employees and provide them the time off they need for themselves and family without the State telling us to do so or private plaintiff attorneys suing us if we make a minor error or recordkeeping mistake.  Particularly as small employers, we need additional flexibility to work with our employees to provide time off that the rigid CFRA rules do not allow.
For larger employers who are covered by both federal family leave and California family leave, providing the opportunity for an employee to take 6 months of leave will be difficult.  We already have challenges with implementing 12 weeks of leave and are concerned with the ability to take on such a significant expansion at this time when we are also suffering as a result of this pandemic.
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