Take Action, Today! Protect Your Access to Compounded Medications!
Ask Your Representatives to Cosponsor HR 2871 - The Preserving Patient Access to Compounded Medications Act of 2017

Please contact your Members of Congress today, and ask them to cosponsor the bipartisan legislation, HR 2871 - The Preserving Patient Access to Compounded Medications Act of 2017! It's critical that you let your Representatives know how important continued access to compounded medications is to you and your family!

The Partnership for Personalized Prescriptions (P3) Applauds the Leadership of Congressmen Morgan Griffith (VA) and Henry Cuellar (TX) in introducing HR 2871, a bipartisan effort that will preserve YOUR access to vital compounded medications.

Please Urge Your Representative to Cosponsor The Preserving Patient Access to Compounded Medications Act. It will only take a few minutes to take action through P3's easy-to-use Voter Voice action alert platform. Thank you for making your voice heard to help preserve patient access to compounded medications, today!

HR 2871 will help Protect YOUR Access to personalized medications prescribed by your physician, and compounded by your pharmacist! It will help clarify the Drug Quality & Security Act (DQSA) in a way that will better align the statute with congressional intent and better balance public safety and patient access. 

Tell your Congressional Representatives how critical it is that you have continued access to the compounded medications upon which you and your family rely!

And, be sure to check out the Partnership for Personalized Prescriptions (P3) brand-new advocacy website! Ask your friends to join P3! Share your testimonial stories on the P3 website!

Help Protect Access to the Customized Medications on which you and your family rely!
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