IBWA Advocacy Report - Tariff Relief Efforts Continue, Action in the States, Ban on Bottled Water in LAX, and More.
July 13, 2021 by Cory Martin

July 14, 2021

IBWA Among Organizations Pushing for House Action on Section 301 Tariff Relief

IBWA, along with more than 170 other trade organizations, united against tariffs and sent a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy expressing strong support for elements of the Trade Act of 2021 that were included in the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (S. 1260, or the USICA) that recently passed the Senate. Joining IBWA on this letter were several regional and state bottled water organizations, including the California Bottled Water Association, Central States Bottled Water Association, Northeast Bottled Water Association, South Atlantic Bottled Water Association, and the Southeast Bottled Water Association. IBWA continues to push for tariff exclusions on water coolers imported from China, which bottled water companies had received in 2020. The bottled water industry has had to pay a 25 percent tariff on water coolers imported from China since January. Click HERE to read the letter. 

Click HERE to read more.

IBWA State Engagement Review

IBWA Suggests Corrections to Inaccuracies in Draft Florida Spring Study
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently issued a draft report on a study addressing spring water use and bottled water. After reviewing the draft, IBWA has provided suggested edits to the report prior to it being finalized and released to the legislature. Click HERE to read more.

IBWA Submits Comments on Multiple Bills in MA
IBWA recently submitted comments jointly with the Northeast Bottled Water Association on a handful of measures in Massachusetts that addressed specific issues of concern to the bottled water industry. These included bills on a statewide single-use plastic water bottle sales ban, tethered caps for beverage containers, and the use of recycled content for plastic beverage containers.  Click HERE to read more. 

OR Passes EPR Legislation; Deposit Products Excluded
Senate Bill 582 recently passed in Oregon, which revamps the state’s existing recycling systems in multiple ways. The work of several years culminated in the passage of this legislation, which establishes a producer responsibility program for packaging, printing and writing paper, and food serviceware, but excludes products, including bottled water, that are part of the state’s existing bottle deposit program. Click HERE to read more. 

IBWA Opposes Los Angeles World Airports Ban on the Sale of Bottled Water in Plastic Packaging

IBWA submitted comments, and JP Toner, IBWA Director of State Relations, testified in opposition to a sales ban on bottled water in plastic containers at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). Unfortunately, the LAWA Board's decision was seemingly made well in advance as they dismissed IBWA's concerns and unanimously approved the resolution implementing the sales ban policy.

Click HERE to read IBWA's submitted comments. 

Starting in June 2023, the Los Angeles International Airport and John Wayne International Airport will no longer sell bottled water in plastic containers of any size. This includes purified water, mineral water, carbonated or sparkling water, and electrolyte -enhanced water products. Additionally, the Policy will be effective immediately for all new lease, concessions, and operating agreements executed with LAWA before June 30, 2023. 

THANK YOU to Current 2021 PAC Contributors

A special THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to the IBWA PAC thus far in 2021. 

Presidential Level - $4000 to $5000 contributed per year
Joe Doss - Tom Harrington - Andrew Peykoff II - Jamie Peykoff - Robert Smith

Senatorial Level - $1000 to $3999 per year
Shayron Barnes-Selby - CR Hall - Brian Hess - Bob Hidell - Nancy McNally - Derieth Sutton - Lou Vittorio

Congressional Level - $250 to $999 per year
Kelley Goshay - Cory Martin - Jillian Olsen

Grassroots Level - up to $249 per year
Mark Campbell - Viola Johnson-Jacobs - Jay Wells

To share certain information about PAC activities and events with, and solicit contributions from, executive and administrative employees of IBWA’s members, members must first provide IBWA with a signed “Authorization to Solicit” form. Click HERE to fill out this form online.

Federal and State Legislative Report

Click HERE to view the current IBWA State Legislative Report, and click HERE to view the IBWA Federal Legislative Report. These reports include information on medium and high priority bills that IBWA is currently tracking that have seen action over the last couple of weeks. 

Also, you can download the Excel listing of all legislation that IBWA is tracking by clicking HERE. This is up to date as of July 13, 2021.

For more information on IBWA advocacy issues, please contact Cory Martin, IBWA Vice President of Government Relations, at (703) 647-4618 or cmartin@bottledwater.org, or JP Toner, IBWA Director of Government Relations, at (703) 647-4616 or jtoner@bottledwater.org.


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