A thank you to the Representatives, Senators, and Governor
Yesterday's passage by a bi-partisan and overwhelming majority of Iowa's voters of the Freedom Amendment was a historic moment in Iowa History. Each and every one of you made the difference in educating our fellow Iowans on the importance of preserving and protecting our rights to defend ourselves, our families, our homes, and even the State of Iowa if necessary from evil. 

But our work is not done. Iowa’s newly elected General Assembly will convene in just two months. IFC will continue to advocate for important legislation like the Employee Privacy Act, which will prevent employers from firing workers for storing a gun out of sight in their locked vehicle in the company parking lot. We will also urge legislators to fine-tune Iowa Code to fully align with our recent adoption of “Constitutional Carry”, as well as with both the Freedom Amendment and the Supreme Court’s recent Bruen decision.


As we celebrate this incredible achievement, we must not fail to show our great appreciation to the majority of Representatives and Senators who stood up repeatedly over several years to take the tough votes and bring this amendment to a vote of the people. They remained committed to preserving freedom in Iowa, despite ceaseless and false attacks by the media and a minority of legislators. We must also acknowledge the invaluable contributions of Governor Reynolds, who strongly urged voters to ratify the Freedom Amendment.

However, a minority of legislators opposed the Freedom Amendment. Now that it has been passed by three separately elected General Assemblies and adopted by a vote of the people, it is appropriate to ask those legislators if they will now recognize and honor how highly Iowans value their Second Amendment rights.


Please use the IFC Action Alert system to send your sincere thanks to those who have earned it – and that question to those who have not. I encourage you to do so now. The newly elected and returning members of the Iowa Legislature will be meeting in caucus as soon as the next few days, they need to hear from you today!

Mark your calendar to be at the Annual IFC 2A Day Celebration at the Iowa Capital on February 22, 2023. The keynote speaker is Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the Heroes of Benghazi.


On behalf of all of IFC’s leadership, 


Shoot Straight, Speak the Truth, and Never Surrender Our Liberties.

Dave Funk

President, Iowa Firearms Coalition


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