Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Releases Phase 3 Guidance - Next Phase Starts Friday  
  On Sunday afternoon the Governor's Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) released retail guidelines for retail businesses that may partially reopen starting Friday, May 29th. 

DCEO's guidance for retail businesses is available here and retail business toolkit is available here. All essential and non-essential retail businesses will be permitted to open on Friday, subject to restrictions outlined by DCEO. DCEO's guidance includes requirements and additional best practices for General Health, HR and Travel, Health Monitoring, Physical Workspace, Disinfecting/Cleaning Procedures, Staffing and Attendance, External Interactions, and Customer Behaviors. Most importantly for dealers, starting Friday, appointments to enter dealership showrooms will no longer be required. However, some employer requirements will remain in place, including:
  • Requiring employees to wear face masks when within 6 feet of other employees or customers.
  • Providing hand washing capability or sanitizer for employees and customers.
  • Posting signage at entrances describing face covering requirements, social distancing guidelines, and cleaning protocols. 
  • Maintaining spacing per DCEO guidance, which requires retailers to cap occupancy at 50% of capacity OR limit the number of customers to 5 customers per 1,000 square feet of retail space, which is calculated by taking the total square footage of the permanent structure the business occupies and divide by 1,000. DCEO's guidance is available here.