Click Here to Tell Your Legislators to Oppose Physician Assisted Suicide!

Here's what you need to know to be a voice for those vulnerable to assisted suicide:

The "End of Life Option Bill" (sb701/hb643) is currently being considered by the Maryland General Assembly, which would legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS). This marks the 5th time that such legislation has been filed in Maryland, but thanks to strong opposition from advocates across the state, proponents of PAS have failed every time. Now is the time to let target legislative leaders know that you OPPOSE PAS.

PAS legislation is once again fatally flawed. The dangerous and careless provisions make PAS bad policy for Maryland, and wrong for Maryland citizens. Assisted suicide creates a strong economic incentive to deny treatment to patients in crisis. There is no legislative solution to the fact that doctors cannot accurately predict a terminal diagnosis. There is evidence that any so-called safeguards that might come attached to any bill do not work. Maryland's leading disability rights groups recognize the many dangers that the PAS bill poses to those with intellectual and development disabilities, such as falling prey to undue influence from doctors or family members, resulting in a lack of true informed consent. Maryland Right to Life worked diligently to successfully prevent passage of an Assisted Suicide law for four previous years in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and 2019. PAS is now legal in nine states and the District of Columbia.

Maryland Right to Life is strongly opposed to PAS for the following significant reasons:

  • There is no standard requirements that each patient receives mental health screening and counseling. A screening from a doctor untrained in mental health is not sufficient to assess a patient's true needs.
  • No family notification is required.
  • One in three patients who fill the lethal prescription-typically 100 pills, decide against taking it. There are no safeguards to ensure the unused drugs stay out of the hands of children and prescription drug dealers. This is particularly irresponsible, as we are experiencing an opioid crisis nationwide.
  • No doctor or nurse is required to be present when the patient ingests the lethal dose. If something goes wrong, any physical or emotional complications must be handled solely by the patient and those witnessing the death.
  • PAS laws make suicide socially acceptable. States which have legalized assisted suicide have experienced increased suicide rates.
  • Taxpayers foot the bill to pay for the lethal drugs and doctor visits.
  • The poor as well as those with disabilities would be faced with choosing suicide as an option so as not to become a burden on their loved ones. To the most vulnerable, a right to die may become a responsibility to die. 

The dangers presented by PAS far outweigh any perceived benefits sold by out-of-state, well-funded proponents. The opponents of legalizing PAS include countless Maryland residents, respected physicians, the faith community, and leading advocacy from all corners of the state. Join us as we fight to protect vulnerable lives in Maryland from becoming victims of this extreme and dangerous legislation. 


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