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October 26, 2018

  In This Update:  
  • Catholic Conference Continues to Urge Opposition to Legalized Marijuana 
  • Election Website Offers Informational Resources on Ballot Proposals, Voting
  Catholic Conference Continues to Urge Opposition to Legalized Marijuana  
Michigan Catholic Conference continued to speak out this week against Proposal 1, which would legalize recreational marijuana in the State of Michigan. To spread its message, MCC joined with business, education, health care, and other community groups and leaders across the state in a series of press conferences against the proposal. Due to the likely harm the proposal would cause to families, communities and workers, MCC is urging a 'No' vote on Tuesday, November 6:

"Supporters are promising regulations and growing revenue.  But in reality, the measure leaves much of the production and distribution process underground. Drug dealers will adjust their prices to undercut the legal option. Regulatory and tax policies will be difficult to enforce, especially as the drug is still illegal according to the federal government. And Proposal 1 does not account for the societal costs of legalizing recreational marijuana. Other states have seen increases in marijuana-related hospitalizations, emergency room visits, drugged driving, and poison control calls after legalization. Despite these costs, none of the revenue raised by Proposal 1 would be earmarked for prevention or treatment programs.  Not one dollar. Some people may be in support of legalizing marijuana.  Their minds may not change.  But we ask those folks, please take a look at this specific proposal and consider if indeed it truly regulates marijuana like alcohol. The simple answer does not."

Watch our full comments.

Other Resources:
  • In a new The Word from Lansing column, MCC speaks about why the MCC Board of Directors and the Bishops in the state unanimously oppose Proposal 1.
  • MCC's most recent FOCUS explains why Proposal 1 will likely harm Michigan's families, communities, and workers. 
Top Photo: MCC staff (center) speaking at a press conference in Monroe.
Bottom Photo: MCC staff (far right) joining w
ith other community leaders at a press conference in Lansing.
  Election Website Offers Informational Resources on Ballot Proposals, Voting  
In addition to the resources mentioned above on Proposal 1, MCC offers other election resources at MCC did not take positions on Proposals 2 or 3, but the site does offer informational backgrounders on the language of each, what the proposals would do, arguments in support/opposition, and organizations and individuals in support/opposition.
MCC also offers information on developing a well-formed conscience, issues to consider before voting, and links to statewide candidate websites. 

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