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August 14, 2020

  In This Update:  
  • Support the Global Child Thrive Act in the U.S. Senate
  • The Word from Lansing: During Challenges, the Church Calls for Faith
  • 2020 Census: In Ten Minutes, Ensure An Accurate Count
  Support the Global Child Thrive Act in the U.S. Senate  
Millions of children across the world have seen the devastation of war in their communities, have been forced to flee their homes due to violence, or have suffered from malnutrition. Their development is impacted severely from this trauma and undernourishment, preventing them from reaching their full potential. Federal lawmakers are currently debating The Global Child Thrive Act (S.2517), which would require Early Childhood Development activities to be incorporated into U.S. government-funded international programs for children. These activities include creating opportunities for children to play and explore, as well as providing the nurturing care to feel safe and loved. The analysis of the legislation lists its goals: to "(1) prevent unnecessary family-child separation, (2) assist families with children with disabilities, and (3) help countries transition from child care protection systems that rely on residential care to ones focused on family-based care." A similar measure has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives. Now the U.S. Senate will consider its version.

Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) has met with members of Michigan's Congressional Delegation to advocate on behalf of the Global Child Thrive Act. Now, it is important for U.S. Senators to hear from their constituents as their attention turns to the measure. Your voice will support millions of vulnerable children living in poverty and experiencing hunger around the world. Please take a few minutes to email your U.S. Senators today.

For more information, read the background document from Catholic Relief Services.
  The Word from Lansing: During Challenges, the Church Calls for Faith  
During the summer, Michigan has faced many challenges. In the midst of a devastating pandemic, communities are navigating how to safely reopen buildings, how to help families facing difficult economic conditions, how to meet the educational needs of all children, and how to ensure people's voices are heard during a national census and a presidential election. The latest column from MCC, The Word from Lansing, provides several updates that are taking place in this difficult context. Specifically, MCC shares about the faith and continued advocacy that is needed to address concerns such as supporting the state's women and children, assisting nonpublic school families, and fighting against expansions to the payday lending system. 
  2020 Census: In Ten Minutes, Ensure an Accurate Count  
After another adjustment in the 2020 Census response schedule, Michiganders will only have until the end of September to fill out the nine simple questions. The counting process will determine the state's representation in Congress for the next decade, will influence how state legislative districts are formed, and will impact how federal dollars are allocated to Michigan communities. To ensure the voices of Michiganders are accurately reflected in government decisions, it is critical that the state's population count is as precise as possible. Census numbers affect everyone, from seniors to students, kids to parents, and businesses to communities. Visit to learn more and to respond now.

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