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September 11, 2020

  In This Update:  
  • Michigan Catholic Conference Launches Election Webpage 
  • House Committee Considers Further Jail Reform Bills
  • MCC Supports Day of Prayer Resolution and Charitable Giving Tax Credit
  Michigan Catholic Conference Launches Election Webpage  
The 2020 Election is entering its final weeks, culminating in the selection of a significant number of office holders in Michigan and Washington, D.C. In this election, Michigan voters will cast their ballot for President of the United States, one of Michigan's two U.S. Senate seats, two seats on the Michigan Supreme Court, two seats on the Michigan State Board of Education, all fourteen seats in the Michigan congressional delegation, the 110-member Michigan House of Representatives, and two statewide ballot proposals, in addition to local races and issues. As these decisions have significant impacts on the state and its communities, Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) offers a number of resources to help Catholics prepare for their voting choices, including information on conscience formation, ballot choices, and voting logistics. The new webpage is available at
  House Committee Considers Further Jail Reform Bills  
On Wednesday, September 9, the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on a package of jail reform bills. The goal of this package - as well as other measures introduced during the 2019-2020 legislative session - is to better prioritize law enforcement and judicial resources (including jail space) for the crimes that pose the most danger to the general public. More specifically, House Bills 5844 and 5854-5857 eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for several misdemeanor crimes in the Public Health Code, the Michigan Vehicle Code, the Revised School Code, and the Railroad Code. The measures, which were recommendations of the bipartisan Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration, are sponsored by Representatives Joseph Bellino (R-Monroe), Tim Sneller (D-Burton), Tommy Brann (R-Wyoming), Steve Johnson (R-Wayland), and Jack O'Malley (R-Lake Ann) and supported by MCC. The package remains in the committee for further consideration.

NOTE: Another jail reform measure mentioned in a previous email, House Bill 5699, did pass the full House of Representatives this week. That bill would modify penalties for those who fail to produce a driver's license when stopped. HB 5699 will continue now to the Senate as it moves forward in the legislative process.
  MCC Supports Day of Prayer Resolution and Charitable Giving Tax Credit  
This week, Michigan Catholic Conference supported two measures that came before the House Government Operations Committee. These include:
  • House Resolution 302, sponsored by Representative John Reilly (R-Oakland Twp.), would declare September 24, 2020 as the "Day of Prayer, Fasting, and Humiliation" in the State of Michigan. 
  • House Bill 6162, sponsored by Senator Joe Tate (D-Detroit), would provide taxpayers a nonrefundable tax credit for fifty percent of the amount contributed to food banks, food kitchens, or homeless shelters that help those in need.
Both the House Government Operations Committee and the full House of Representatives voted in favor of the resolution, which means that it has now been adopted. House Bill 6162 passed the committee and awaits further action on the House floor.

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