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October 9, 2020

  In This Update:  
  • Respect Life Month Reminds of Needed Action, Advocacy for Human Life
  • ACTION NEEDED! Support the Federal SAVE Moms & Babies Act
  • MCC Offers Summaries on Statewide Ballot Proposals
  • Participate in Civilize It This 2020 Election Cycle
  Respect Life Month Reminds of Needed Action, Advocacy for Human Life  
Throughout October, the U.S. Catholic Church celebrates Respect Life Month annually to recognize the dignity of every human life, to raise awareness about the necessity of supporting and protecting life, and to take action in concrete ways. During this event and throughout October, Catholics are encouraged to strive to "see in every human face the face of Christ" (EV 81) and treat each person as they would treat Christ Himself. Educational resources for use during this month are available at
Take the time to check out these other respect life resources too:
  ACTION NEEDED! Support the Federal SAVE Moms & Babies Act  
As mentioned in a previous update, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is encouraging people of faith to email their federal legislators about the newly-introduced Support and Value Expectant (SAVE) Moms & Babies Act (H.R. 4399 and S. 3072). The act would codify current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety regulations that require physicians to dispense chemical abortion pills; prevent providers from dispensing these drugs remotely, by mail, or via telemedicine; and prevent the FDA from approving new chemical abortion drugs or from making labeling changes to existing abortion drugs. This legislation is important as COVID-19 is only expected to contribute to greater numbers of women seeking chemical abortions at home. TAKE ACTION NOW.
  MCC Offers Summaries on Statewide Ballot Proposals  
Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) encourages Catholics to participate in the upcoming November election, studying the ballot carefully and voting with a well-formed conscience. To assist voters in their election choices, MCC offers informational summary sheets of the two proposals on this year's statewide ballot. The pieces explain what the proposals would do, organizations that support and oppose the measures, and arguments made for both sides. The MCC Board of Directors did not take a position on either ballot proposal.
  • Proposal 1 would make changes to the way the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) can be used, allowing for more dollars to be awarded for development and renovation of existing public recreation facilities. The MNRTF, which was created in 1976, is charged with acquiring new land for public use and improving outdoor recreational opportunities-including trails, boat launches, and other facilities-through a statewide grant process.
  • Proposal 2 would add a provision to the Michigan Constitution of 1963 that includes "electronic data and electronic communications" as items that state and local law enforcement officials would be required to obtain a search warrant for in order to access. 
Each of these measures is on the ballot after the Michigan Legislature passed language to place them before voters. For these sheets and more election-related content, visit
  Participate in Civilize It This 2020 Election Cycle  
The U.S. Catholic bishops have written that communities across the country benefit greatly when their members seek "to dismantle stereotypes and to build productive conversation" instead of to divide or attack, including during political discussions (Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship). This year, Michigan Catholic Conference encourages all Michiganders to participate in Civilize It, a nonpartisan initiative that promotes civility and greater respect for one another within these conversations.

Many Michigan Catholics have already taken the pledge, and you can too at 
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