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March 5, 2020
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  Executive Directors Message  


We've discussed upgrading your EMV chip card readers on your dispensers previously, but just want to make sure you are reminded again. The original deadline was 3 years ago and was extended to Oct. 2020. Though the deadline is not until October 2020, I'm worried there are people that are ignoring our warnings. If these updates are not made by the deadline, retail sites will be responsible for fraud transactions, including identity theft. Fuel companies are saying retailers have had plenty of time to order the equipment and wait for the software to make these changes before the deadline, therefore retailers will be held responsible for any fraud. Keep this in mind as the deadline approaches and procrastinators try to get contractors in. You may have some difficulty. Better safe than sorry and start this process now. 
I'm sure by now you are all aware of the coronavirus and the threats it is presenting on our economy and livelihood. While there are no cases reported in New Jersey yet, this may affect your business should the virus spread. If the governor declares a state of emergency, which is likely if it comes to New Jersey, then gouging laws go into effect. There are already reports of stores across the country selling what is normally a $5 bottle of hand sanitizer for $100. Once a state of emergency is declared you would not be able to raise your prices beyond the limits of the law. As of now, you are free to do whatever you want to prices for your products. Keep in mind this is not just for gasoline, this is for all of your products. Now would also be a good time to brush up on paid sick leave laws, of which we have many resources on our website, as employees affected by Coroanavirus may want to utilize the benefits of this relatively new law.
The worldwide panic over the coronavirus has also had an effect on the gas market. I'll send out this reminder every chance I get: Wholesale gasoline prices have been dropping, this is a perfect time to hold your price and increase your margins. The cost for a barrel of crude dropped as low as $45 this past week, which has been completely unexpected. For those of you that are following the stock market and commodities markets, you know that all markets are in a total state of fluctuation. Good economic news pushes markets upward. Bad political news, including the coronavirus, are putting downward pressures on markets. I don't think anyone has any accurate predictions, but this statement is true: If you widen your profit margin, regardless of the wholesale cost, you will be profitable. 

There are still members that call the office asking about the compliance calendar. It has been at least four years since the state of New Jersey produced these calendars and delivered them to us.  The state stopped producing these calendars as a cost saving measure. You are still required to maintain a compliance calendar. The calendars are available by clicking on this link. You can print out the calendar pages as you need them.
That's all for this week -  
Sal Risalvato
Executive Director




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All classes held at NJGCA HQ -- 4900 Route 33 West, Wall Township, NJ 07753

Two-Day Emissions Inspector Training Class
April 22nd & 23rd

Want your technicians to become a NJ Emissions Inspector? We can help!

Our new two-day class will provide all the information for becoming a NJ Emissions Inspector. Day one will consist of written test training and the State will administer the written test the very same day at our offices. Day two will be a hands-on training course to prepare you for the hands-on test. Class will run from 7:00am to 4:00pm on day 1. Class will begin at 12:30 PM on day 2. Cost is $479 for members.

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  News Around The State  

Will You Be Paid if Your Boss Tells You to Stay Home Because of Coronavirus? Here's What you Need to Know
In the wake of the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending companies actively encourage workers to stay home if they are showing symptoms. But not all workers can telecommute. Some jobs just have to be done in person. Consider the person who stocks your supermarket's shelves. The cashier at your favorite retail store and the person who pumps your gas. The barista who makes your caramel latte and the server who brings you lunch. The folks who work at Amazon fulfillment centers. . . If your boss tells you to stay home or if you decide to self-quarantine - but you don't have paid sick time - here are your protections in New Jersey.


Looming Ban on Flavored E-Cigs Already Hitting Vape Shops Hard
Delia said he decided to close up shop rather than watch his business die a slow death. Business had dropped off precipitously as the effort to ban flavored vapes ramped up. The ban, approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in mid-January, goes into effect on April 20. It's already hitting many shop owners hard, said Danish Iqbal of the New Jersey Vapor Rights Coalition, a group representing vape shop owners in the state, thought to number around 300 small businesses.

NJ Looks For Plan On Expanding Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars
With New Jersey now offering residents up to $5,000 to help buy a plug-in electric car, state lawmakers are turning attention to another possible car of the future - those with hydrogen fuel cells. The Assembly has unanimously passed a bill, A741, that would create the New Jersey Fuel Cell Task Force, which would look at ways to encourage use of the technology, such as supporting the building of a fueling infrastructure. . . Sal Risalvato, executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association, said it's challenging to get station owners to think about selling something other than gasoline but that the looming transition can't be ignored. "We are never going to be able to stop a better mousetrap. We're never going to be able to stop technology," Risalvato said. Risalvato said cars would be able to fill up on hydrogen similar to the way they now buy gasoline - in about three minutes at the station, rather than perhaps a half-hour to recharge a plug-in electric car. He said hydrogen fuel vehicles are electric but make their own electricity. "Hydrogen is always going to be renewable," he said. "If we don't have hydrogen, we are in bigger problems. Because we need sunshine and we need rain to have hydrogen. And if we don't have those things, how we fuel our vehicles and everything else is not going to be the biggest problem we have."

California Narrative Casts A Pall Over East Coast Efforts To Elevate Gig Economy Workers
An Uber executive has been roaming the halls of the New York State Capitol bearing a 44-page sheaf of news clips that, he says, augurs the misery that will envelop New York should legislators grant gig economy workers "employee" status like California has. . . California's measure, which took effect Jan. 1, has Uber and other companies who use gig workers warily watching other states that might want to emulate the biggest U.S. state. But while labor-friendly politicians on the East Coast have been making noise about protections for contract workers in New York and New Jersey, the narrative emerging from California hangs over the two states like a specter.

Toll Hikes Coming Down The Pike? Jersey Drivers Already Pay Enough In Gas Taxes And E-zpass | Mulshine
But the politicians planning such moves are never satisfied. We learned last week that the New Jersey Turnpike Commission, which implemented a massive toll hike just eight years ago, is pondering yet another price increase. That became news only because Advance Media reporter Larry Higgs was the sole media representative at the commission meeting, which was being held the same day as Gov. Phil Murphy's budget speech.Higgs noticed a "last-minute addition" to the agenda that called for hearings later this month on "proposed capital program and supporting revenue enhancement." Officials provided no other details, so we don't know just what those revenue enhancements might be.

Broad Anti-Tobacco Bill Narrowly Passes House
A sweeping bill to ban all tobacco flavors and tax e-cigarettes passed the House on Friday morning on a 213-to-195 vote after Democratic leaders scrambled to secure support from members worried that the measure would target people of color. The legislation squeezed by, with 17 Democrats ultimately voting against it. Sponsors Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) and Donna Shalala (D-Fla.) have said the bill - which is unlikely to get a Senate vote - is an answer to President Donald Trump's scaled-back vaping ban, including a move this year to exclude menthol vapes from flavor restrictions.


Washington State Banks on Electric Vehicles
In January, the Washington Senate narrowly approved a bill that would make auto manufacturers reserve a specific part of vehicle sales within the state to be full EVs by 2022. The bill also mandates that all new vehicles sold in Washington be electric by 2030. Meanwhile, the House approved a low-carbon fuel standard. Washington also voted yes on the Clean Energy Transformation Act. All that points to a state determined to decarbonize by the middle of the 21st century. To do so, its transportation must transform as well. Utilities have been trying to change with these mandates, while others have been moving toward electrification more quickly.

House Leadership Scrambles To Save Anti-Vaping Bill After Dem Resistance
House Democratic leaders are racing to lock down votes for a sweeping e-cigarette bill that is facing a sudden swell of resistance from some of its members - including Majority Whip Jim Clyburn. Top Democrats are making a last-minute push to corral support for a bill to ban flavored tobacco, including menthol, before it reaches the floor Friday. But a coalition of Democrats, including those who represent communities of color and rural areas as well as others with concerns about government overreach, have warned that it goes too far. Advocates of the measure worry that its failure would deliver an embarrassing blow to Democrats, who have been railing against Trump for dialing back his own vaping ban.

Murphy Pushes 'Corporate Responsibility Fee' At Chamber Speech
Gov. Phil Murphy leveraged the discovery of his likely-cancerous tumor in a pitch for a 'corporate responsibility fee' that would charge businesses whose employees are on Medicaid. . . In the meantime, Murphy has re-pitched fees for corporations that do not provide healthcare to their employees, a policy that legislative leaders turned down last year. "This is also why I proposed, again, making those large employers whose health-care policies push their employees, and their employees' families, onto Medicaid to pay a Corporate Responsibility Fee," Murphy said. "We as a state, cannot just sit back and let our taxpayers continually pick up the tab." Senate President Steve Sweeney has indicated he'll again resist the proposal.


  Energy Information Agency Weekly Retail Gasoline Prices  
Each week, the Energy Information Administration publishes a list of average gasoline prices for the previous three weeks. NJGCA will begin including this list with the Weekly Road Warrior. Remember, these prices are reflective of self-serve everywhere except NJ.


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Business For Sale: Monmouth County gas station and repair shop in business since 2001 is for sale. Owner is relocating out of state and is interested in selling business and equipment. Owner is open to limited financing. Business has a strong 10 year lease. The building has two repair bays and the gas pumps are leased to a large independent tenant. Repair shop business currently employs a Manager and two full-time Technicians. For inquiries and more info, please call Mark at 908-670-7798.

New! Parts For Sale: Incon TS-1000 tank monitor works well just taken out of service. Printer is aprox 2 months old. Also, Incon 8, tank probes. System replaced because on an Exxon upgrade. Call John Twin Towers Exxon (201) 224-8444