November 16, 2023

Help for the Labor Shortage?

NJGCA is seriously looking into a new benefit program that could help your business with what for years has been one of its biggest challenges: finding workers. We have met with a staffing company called ShiftSmart. They have a pool of workers available to work individual shifts at businesses. The employee works for and is paid by ShiftSmart, but you pick the type of work and when the shift is, and whether it's just a one-off or something reoccurring. This could be helpful if your gas attendant suddenly calls out, or you would benefit by having someone show up for an occasional 4-hour shift to help with inventory, unloading deliveries, or cleaning up. Though they don't offer skilled labor like auto technicians, but even repair shops might benefit from bringing someone in occasionally just to clean up, organize, or help with paperwork--allowing your techs to focus on the work they're being paid well for. 

Normally, this company only works with businesses that have 25 or more locations, and in addition to paying them for the hours worked there is also a monthly subscription fee that can run a few thousand dollars a month. But what NJGCA is hoping to do is pool together a bunch of our members to access the platform, perhaps for as little as $50 a month per location. 

If you are even potentially interested in this, please attend the webinar we are hosting with ShiftSmart on Tuesday December 5th at 12pm. They will talk more about their service and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You can register by clicking HERE

Please reach out to with any questions, or if you can't make the webinar but are definitely interested in this program. We can only move forward with it if there is enough interest!

Website Thoughts?:

We are in the process of giving our website, an overhaul and update. Do you have any thoughts about what you might like to see or do with it? Would you be interested in some kind of Classifieds page where people can post things for sale, be they entire locations or just things like equipment? What about some kind of forum where you can leave comments and engage with others in the industry, be it about industry topics or what's going on in the news? You can email with thoughts or just take this quick poll. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Menthol Cigarette Ban Update

With the legislative elections behind us, we now begin the 'lame duck' period of lawmaking. As you know, in order for a bill to become law it has to go through multiple steps, including between two and four committee hearings and passage by both the Assembly and Senate, and approved by the Governor. Any bill that has not fully completed that process by January 9th will have to start all over again. That leads to a mad rush over the next few weeks where legislators and advocates push to get things over the finish line. One of those issues is the state-level ban on menthol cigarettes. The sponsors of the bill have already gotten it through several of the committees it needs to get through, so they don't want to lose that progress and be forced to start over. 

NJGCA will be in Trenton on Monday to oppose this bill when it is heard yet again in the Assembly Health Committee. We are closely monitoring the situation and will let you know if you need to spring into action to contact your legislators and fight this ban. We have already seen from the flavored vape ban that the State has no interest or ability to enforce these types of bans, which just means honest store owners will lose business to dishonest ones. You can read more about it HERE

Photos with Santa

With the holidays around the corner you might be interested in this opportunity that was brought to our attention, especially if you're in the Ocean County area. Free photos with Santa in Seaside Park on Saturday December 9th 1pm-4pm. Contact Joe Ocello at or 386-314-6349

Belated Holidays

Last week we forgot to mention two days of note from over the weekend. Firstly, Veterans Day is a reminder to thank all those who stood up and served the country to defend our freedoms. If you or a family member have served, we thank you for your service. Also, a Happy Diwali to all those members who celebrate.  

Member Benefit Partner Spotlight: Environmental Alliance

The NJGCA and Environmental Alliance, Inc. (Alliance) continue to advocate for your business, and alleviate your concerns/worries with: NJDEP enforcement actions; property assessments and investigations; closing outdated UST systems; and performing site remediation. Alliance is a local, fullservice environmental consulting and engineering firm specializing in:

• Consulting/Addressing NJDEP Notices
• Site Sampling & Monitoring (soil, soil vapor, groundwater)
• UST System Oversight, Investigation & Closure
• Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Services
• Insurance Claim Support & Litigation Support Services
• Real Estate Due Diligence Services: NJ Preliminary Assessments, Phase I / Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (We are Approved with Numerous 
Lending Institutions)
• Turn-key Site Remediation Solutions Customized to your Property Conditions
• Permitting & Regulatory Compliance Assistance

• A discounted rate schedule
• Complimentary review of NJDEP documents and evaluation of your property by senior staff
• A knowledgeable, local staff (including LSRPs), that keep tabs on the ever-changing NJ regulations and guidance documents
• They will always have your best interest in mind; offering practical solutions

Contact: Mike Vanderslice
Phone: 732-537-0250

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