November 23, 2023

Successful Turkey Drive and Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you to everyone who donated to our annual fundraising drive. This year we were able to donate $3,000 to FulfillNJ, the nearby foodbank which serves families in Central Jersey. That's enough to provide 9,000 meals for those who need it, especially in this time of continuing high food prices. Whether you're at home or traveling this week, we wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Six turkeys

Proposed Menthol Cigarette Ban Expanded

On Monday NJGCA testified in opposition to A-1989, the bill to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes in the state.The advocates of this bill are pushing very hard to make New Jersey just the third state to ban these products, which are on average about 40% of cigarette sales. In Committee they expanded the ban further, to include basically all flavored cigars and cigarillos, and all flavors of a fairly new product--oral nicotine pouches (Zyn is the leading brand). The bill was even on track to have the ban go into effect immediately upon signature by the Governor, though we pointed out how disastrous that would be, so they amended it to 60 days.  We and others are continuing to point out that banning these products at the state level will be as big a failure as the flavored vape ban has been, but the advocates insist it's worth all the suffering of small businesses to 'send a message'. The race is on for anti-tobacco folks to get this a vote in both houses in the next six weeks before the session expires. Stay tuned as we will need your advocacy to stop this!

Governor Murphy Approves His EV Mandate:

Yesterday it was formally announced that the DEP is approving it's proposed regulation to mandate that new light duty vehicles be entirely EV in 2035, with 43% supposed to be EV in model year 2027. As we've said before, this timeline is completely unrealistic, but it's become a theme for some policymakers to create unrealistic and destructive mandates and hope for the best (see previous section). Despite getting a huge amount of detailed comments on the proposal, they nevertheless approved the regulation in record time, making clear that they gave no consideration to both sides of the issue. The announcement comes two weeks after the election and two days before Thanksgiving. You can read the comments we submitted on the proposal HERE

Sheetz Again Selling Gas Below Cost

The big gas/c-store chain Sheetz, based in western Pennsylvania, is again running a promotion in which they deeply discount their gas, this time selling for $1.99 a gallon--which means they're losing about a dollar per gallon even before expenses are added in. They ran a similar promotion over July 4th this year as well. Can you imagine having to compete against that? Thankfully, imagine is all you have to do, since selling gasoline below cost is illegal in the state of New Jersey. Those celebrating Sheetz’s seemingly ‘feel-good’ and ‘generous’ promotion may not realize that it’s a predatory act. A giant corporation with nearly 700 locations in six states can afford to sell gas below cost, knowing full well that small businesses can’t match it. Once competitors have been eliminated, the company is free to charge as much as they want and use the extra earnings to subsidize losses at new locations. NJGCA was founded as the NJ Gasoline Retailers Association in 1937, and the ban on below cost selling was enacted in 1938. Make no mistake, without NJGCA in existence, and with the amount of strength we have, that law would be gutted or repealed like it is in most states. A few years ago one major company even fought a costly lawsuit to kill the law but lost in court, NJGCA had filed an amicus (friend of the court) brief and we were successful in keeping it on the books. If you suspect a competitor is breaking this law, please email and assist the State in getting the law enforced.

We have also been looking into new initiatives to strengthen and expand this law. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Please email 

Reminder for Webinar to Address Labor Shortage

As we mentioned in last week's email, we are looking into a new program to help you get temporary workers to come and fill shifts at your business. NJGCA is hoping to work with a company called ShiftSmart to pool together a bunch of our members to access the platform. 

If you are even potentially interested in this, please attend the webinar we are hosting with ShiftSmart on Tuesday December 5th at 12pm. They will talk more about their service and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You can register by clicking HERE

Please reach out to with any questions, or if you can't make the webinar but are definitely interested in this program. We can only move forward with it if there is enough interest! 

Member Benefit Partner Spotlight: ATS Environmental

ATS Environmental can help you through the EPA / NJDEP changes and they make NJ compliance testing easy and affordable for NJGCA members. Their “Gold Program” is offered exclusively to NJGCA members. Benefits include:

• Discounted pricing for NJGCA members on all services including monthly inspections, annual testing and tank cleaning services.
• Monthly compliance inspection packages including annual testing and remote monitoring all in one low monthly price.
o Free annual API fill port lid painting included during annual compliance testing.
o Free annual verification and documentation of overfill prevention devices included during annual compliance testing.
• All NJGCA members receive free tracking and reminders of important testing deadlines to eliminate unnecessary questions from NJDEP or County Health Departments.
• They respect and understand the importance of your business. ATS schedules your testing during the most convenient time of your operation.
• Free compliance screenings for new NJGCA members.

Services Include:
•Monthly Compliance Inspections
•Annual Compliance Testing
•Containment Testing & Repairs/Replacements – spill buckets & piping sumps
•Stage II Decommissioning
•ATG repairs & installation
•Tank Tightness testing
•Cathodic Protection testing
•Maintenance & Repairs
•Fuel Quality Testing, Treatment, and Tank Cleanings

Contact: Kristi Clune, 973-453-0195 or

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