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June 18, 2020
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Myself and the entire staff have been digesting all these different programs for several months now. Eric did some research and here's what he's come up with:
Federal SBA EIDL Loans Reopened:
The Small Business Administration announced this week that they are once again taking applications for small businesses looking for access to more federal aid through the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program. These are loans given directly by the SBA to small businesses. Unlike the PPP, there is no forgiveness for the loan itself, and the interest rate is 3.75% with a 30 year pay back. You can also apply for a larger loan than what the PPP offered. Loans can go up to $2 million, but are based on the amount of economic injury caused by the disaster. As part of the CARES Act, the SBA also created a special cash advance tied to the EIDL. If you apply for an EIDL, you can receive an immediate advance of $1,000 per employee, up to $10,000. If the loan application is rejected or if you qualify for the loan but choose not to take it, you can still keep the money from the advance. It is very possible that access to these loans will run out again. You can find more information about the program by reading the reopening announcement here: 
and can apply here:
PPP Forgiveness Application Updated:
Also this week the SBA published a revised version of the PPP Forgiveness Application. It has been changed to reflect the amendments made by the PPP Flexibility Act signed into law recently. Unless you have submitted the application to your bank already, you must use the new form.
Click here to see the new form:

Click here to see the instructions for filling out the new form:
Additionally, the SBA has created a simplified forgiveness form, designed for businesses which did not reduce employment or salaries.
Click here to see the EZ Forgiveness Form:

Click here to see the instructions for the EZ Forgiveness form here:
Small Business Grant Program Available from Former Governor Chris Christie:
Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie and his wife Mary Pat launched a new forgivable loan program this week targeted at small businesses. It uses private donations to provide small businesses (with between three and thirty employees) with a forgivable loan of up to $3,000. The loan does not need to be repaid, although if it is repaid, then the repaid money will be used to help other businesses. You can apply through the website by clicking here: https://nj30dayfund.com/.
NJ EDA Grant Update:
In response to a question at one of the Governor's daily press conferences earlier this week, NJ Economic Development Authority (EDA) CEO Tim Sullivan stated that he expected the first checks from Phase 2 of their grant program to go out in the next few days, with most of the money dispersed by the end of the month. If you got your application in within the first four hours (before 1pm on June 9th), you have a very good shot of getting funding. If you are waitlisted then there is a good chance that more money will be appropriated in the next few weeks, and that some of it will go towards businesses on the waitlist. We know of members who were waitlisted during Phase 1 of the program and did get funding before Phase 2 applications launched.

You may have read in the news this week about the WaWa employee who was asked to leave work for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask. Some of you may find yourselves in a similar situation with an employee that wants to express themselves on this subject. It is an emotional time right now for many different reasons, and an expression like this may run contrary to your internal policies on workplace attire. Certainly everyone has a right to express themselves in their personal lives, but in your workplace you have the right to determine what is proper attire. If you have a policy on workplace attire, then you need to update it to include PPE since currently the law mandates that your employees wear face masks and that you provide it for them. You have the right to determine that what you distribute to your employees is what must be worn. If you do not have a policy regarding what your employees must wear while they are in the workplace, then you should adopt one. In fact, with all that has transpired in the past few months, it is more important than ever that you have an employee handbook. I know that I have said this before, but I hope to have an employee handbook that can be made available to you shortly as it is more important now than ever in fast-changing times. 
As the state begins to reopen, we are now in the beginning phases of planning the next round of inspector training classes. Members have contacted us in the past few months inquiring as to when we would be resuming classes, though we've had no information while the stay-at-home order was in effect. Right now, we are hoping we will be able to begin scheduling classes again for September. If you are interested in signing up for our next round of inspector training classes, please get in touch with Nick at nick@njgca.org. Dates have not been confirmed yet as we are working with MVC, but wanted to give you a heads up so you can let us know if you are interested. Nick will contact you when dates are confirmed.
For those of you with towing operations, we received a notice yesterday from MVC that
licensing is extended. If any members have CDL's, take note of the new date. You can read the notice we received HERE
I know many of you are dealing with huge issues stemming from the current coronavirus crisis. However, in this crisis there are opportunities that present themselves. Many of you have inquired in the past about how to save money or even make money by installing solar energy at both your gas station and your home. We want to make you aware that our MBP Trinity Solar, in an effort to help our members, contacted us and made an offer of an additional $1500 incentive beyond the customary NJGCA member discount. The other great thing about this right now is they have put together a residential program for you to own the system without any cash outlay from you through one of their finance partners. Ownership entitles you to the Federal Tax Credit and participation in the SREC program. They also offer a no out of pocket PPA program that can significantly lower your electric bill. This is an opportunity to have solar installed on your home or business and receive the $1500.00 cash incentive. If you are a Trinity customer and already have solar and you refer someone, you receive and your referral party receives the $1500.00 cash incentive. So even though this is a time of crisis, it also may be a good time for you to seize this opportunity. Particularly for those of you who have inquired about this in the past but never pulled the trigger. You can contact Michelle at michelle@njgca.org or you can call John Weldon at Trinity Solar 732-433-2337. This program ends July 31st, act soon! 

Be Well -  
Sal Risalvato
Executive Director




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  News Around The State  

Mandate to Require Recycled Materials in Containers Gets Mixed Reception
The Legislature is looking at requiring some containers be manufactured with a minimum amount of recycled materials as a way to reduce plastic pollution. It's an idea with some backing from advocates but with a caveat - not if it undermines pending approval of a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. The issue arose Wednesday during a committee hearing on a bill (S-2515) that aims to require certain amounts of recycled plastic, paper and glass to be used in plastic and glass carryout containers, carryout bags and trash bags. Beyond reducing the manufacture of new plastics, the bill is viewed by proponents as helping to create new markets for recycled plastics and other materials that have otherwise collapsed, in part because of a decision by China to stop accepting recycled materials.

Wawa Revisits Uniform Policy After Worker Told He Can't Wear 'Black Lives Matter' Mask
Wawa said it could not comment on individual employee matters, but indicated it is working to update its uniform guidelines to allow employees to express their support for Black Lives Matter, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The company is providing employees with "Black Lives Matter" pins that they may wear on their uniforms if they choose, a spokesperson said. Prior to this incident, Wawa President and CEO Chris Gheysens posted a June 5 letter on the company's website talking about racial injustice in light of Floyd's death and the company's commitment to helping everyone working for the company and living in the communities Wawa serves. He vowed that Wawa would "listen even more carefully to our Black associates to better understand our own issues and work together to solve them."

It's Time For NJ's Public Employees To Make Some Sacrifices | Opinion
To this point, New Jersey businesses have already paid a very steep price toward this shared sacrifice - having been mandated to shut down or reduce operations for months, with a slow-moving reopening process that has greatly impacted the livelihoods of business owners and employees alike. Given the shared sacrifice of the private sector and taxpayers, it is wholly appropriate to ask the public sector to share the pain, as well, in order to responsibly adjust our budget to address our economic crisis. . . Currently sitting on Governor Murphy's desk is a win-win voluntary furlough bill that would allow state and local governments to save millions while public workers earn more thanks to generous federal benefits. NJBIA supports the timely passage of that bill into law.

Worker Quits After NJ Wawa Bars Him From Wearing BLM Mask
Andre Lynch III, 20, told NBC10 he wasn't able to attend the ongoing protests against racial injustice and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's death but wanted to stand in solidarity. On Saturday, Lynch arrived at his job at the Wawa store on Rt. 38 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, wearing a black mask with the words, "Black Lives Matter," "Say My Name" and "I Can't Breathe." "About two hours into my shift, a manager calls me inside, closes the door and says, 'With everything that's going on right now, I need you to take the mask off,'" Lynch told NBC10. Lynch said representatives for Wawa later reached out to him to apologize and offer his job back. However, he also said he was still told he wouldn't be allowed to wear the Black Lives Matter mask to work. Lynch said he's taking some time to decide whether or not he'll return to his job. A spokesperson for Wawa told NBC10 the company believes in equity, equality and that "Black lives matter." The spokesperson also said the company is committed to their "Black associates and communities."

Essential Employees Demand Stronger Safety Measures Before Returning to Work
About a dozen essential employees protested outside W.G. Products, a perfume factory, in Totowa. It was the first stop of a daylong protest around the state calling for stronger safety measures before returning to work as New Jersey reopens. . . "At the beginning of the pandemic, workers were asking for gloves and masks, and breaks to wash their hands, and no one was listening to them. The problem is that if no one is listening to them and they don't have a way to enforce the rule, people are going to get sick," said Make the Road New Jersey director of worker organizing and policy Adil Ahmed. "There is no safe hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, so we don't feel safe. And there's no one in charge to make sure it's safe and clean when we spoke up," said grocery store worker Yamileth Escobar in Spanish.

As Businesses Reopen, Do Workers Have To Go Back Or Can They Stay On Unemployment?
New Jersey is reopening its economy in stages. Businesses must abide by certain standards in order to reopen. But if workers don't feel safe, they may prefer to stay on unemployment benefits rather than go back to work. The Department of Labor has issued guidelines to answer worker questions about whether or not they can remain on unemployment benefits because of the coronavirus crisis. "In most cases, you can't collect Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits if you voluntarily quit or refuse suitable work; exceptions could occur where an individual quits or refuses work because the work poses a high degree of risk to health and safety," Labor said on its website.

Christie, Former 1st Lady Launch Nonprofit To Provide Loans To Struggling N.J. Small Businesses
Gov. Phil Murphy has become the face of the coronavirus recovery in New Jersey but his famous predecessor, Chris Christie, is launching an effort to help small businesses hurt in the crisis. The former governor and former First Lady Mary Pat Christie have started a nonprofit that will dole out $3,000 forgivable loans to New Jersey businesses struggling to stay afloat amid the global pandemic. The couple is donating $100,000 to the nonprofit, New Jersey 30-Day Fund. The donation is meant as seed money. The Christies plan to press people in New Jersey and beyond to contribute to the cause, they said. 

NJ Business Coalition Urges Faster Reopening Of Businesses, Following One Jersey Pledge Announcement
Thousands of our businesses are struggling to survive, and are clinging to every last resource they have attempting to make it to their prescribed reopening date, with many not having one yet. And even then, they'll face great challenges due to smaller capacities in which they will be required to operate. . . "And today, the Governor presented the One Jersey Pledge, a series of safety protocols that enable businesses and organizations to objectively demonstrate the steps they are taking to keep their premises safeguarded. We believe this will build confidence amongst employees and patrons. "With the safety protocol boxes in place as demonstrated by the One Jersey Pledge, we believe there should be no further delay in reopening those businesses that can do so responsibly. "We respect the Governor's phased-in reopening plan and regard for protecting human health. But the lifting of restrictions for certain activities versus others and the slow pace of some aspects of state issued guidance is leaving on the sidelines thousands of businesses that can safeguard now and will pledge to do so.

State Unveils 'Right To Refuse Work' Guidance Amid Covid-19-related Job Safety Concerns
The New Jersey Department of Labor on Thursday announced new guidance for workers concerned about their health and safety as the state moves closer to reopening and the threat of a second coronavirus wave grows. The guidance, unveiled during Gov. Phil Murphy's daily briefing in Trenton, clarifies that individuals who quit their jobs or refuse to return to work because "conditions are unsafe, unhealthful, or dangerous," because of circumstances like the coronavirus may still be eligible for unemployment benefits. This action comes as hundreds of workers rallied across the state, demanding Murphy and the state Legislature support a bill or enact a proposed executive order giving employees the right to refuse to work in unsafe conditions, as well as other job protections, if they are concerned about the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace.

Murphy Faces Dilemma As Some Local Leaders Openly Defy His Covid-19 Restrictions
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has an authority problem. Days after Murphy violated his own executive order barring large public gatherings by participating in two protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, some local leaders are openly defying his executive orders that restrict certain activities. . . The defiance by local authorities puts Murphy, a progressive Democrat, in the throes of a political balancing act, having to decide whether to send state authorities in to enforce his executive orders or let them slide, potentially opening the door for more local officials to openly challenge his edicts.



  Energy Information Agency Weekly Retail Gasoline Prices  
Each week, the Energy Information Administration publishes a list of average gasoline prices for the previous three weeks. NJGCA will begin including this list with the Weekly Road Warrior. Remember, these prices are reflective of self-serve everywhere except NJ.


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