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This year, eight states have passed step therapy reform. Without stories from patients, these victories would not have been possible. Planning for next year is already underway...
...and we can't do it without you! If you've experienced high out-of-pocket costs, step therapy, or other barriers to accessing the care you need, tell us about it!
  Federal update  
  Even with Congress on its August recess, NPF advocacy continues to engage with lawmakers.
  • In a letter to the Senate Appropriation Committee chairs, we reiterated our request for $1 million to support psoriatic disease research at the Centers for Disease Control.
  • NPF joined other patient advocacy groups to urge the House Committee on Energy & Commerce leadership to advance legislation to lower out-of-pocket costs by creating an out-of-pocket cap for Medicare Part D beneficiaries.
Momentum continues to build behind the Safe Step Act (H.R. 2279) to protect patients from potentially harmful "fail first" step therapy protocols - to date, we have commitments from over 80 members from both parties in the House of Representatives.
Now is the time to share your step therapy story. Please take a moment to weigh-in with your federal lawmakers and tell them why protection from step therapy tactics is important to you.
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Psoriasis shouldn't stop you from living your life. With today's treatment options, so much is possible. Wearing shorts. Hitting the beach. Hiking the trail that's been calling your name.
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