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How many of you were confused by the message of political consultants over the past week, who advocated against Governor Lombardo, Voter ID, and became overnight champions for mass mail in ballots? It was sure odd to see so-called Republicans suddenly parrot Democrat talking points and claim it's too hard to show ID to vote. As always, dear reader, follow the money. 

The Nevada Republican Party is leading from the front and showing the state how an election can, and should be run. We know how to run elections the right way - single day, precinct-based voting on paper ballots with Voter ID. The Democrats call clean election procedures "unconstitutional". They claim it can't be done. What better way to lead the way than to show Nevada can have clean, transparent elections - and Republicans have the solution!

The Nevada Republican Party is going to be voting for our Republican Presidential nominee on Thursday, February 8, 2024, continuing our legacy of caucusing by precinct which has been occurring in Nevada since 1981

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Why We Caucus

  • We are the party of downsizing government and returning taxpayer money to where it rightfully belongs - the taxpayer. In 2021, the Nevada Legislature, at the urging of Senator Reid, passed AB126 to force the state to hold a 'beauty contest' primary which is non-binding. The current Democrat AG and SOS have confirmed that the actions of the state are meaningless, but will spend $5 million for no reason. We are doing our part to save taxpayers that meaningless spending by running a better, cleaner election than the state of Nevada to elect our Presidential nominee. 

“The results of any PPP election are not binding on a major political party…Throughout the entire PPP election process, no major political party is required to do anything or be bound by any results.” (NVGOP v. Aguilar, Opposition to Motion for Preliminary Injunction)

  • We are an extension of the Republican National Committee. One of the resolutions being passed this week at the RNC Meeting in Milwuakee codifies the Republican Party's support for precinct-based voting, on paper ballots, with Voter ID (see more below!). These platform planks lay out what we advocate for in our respective states and the laws our legislators take an Oath of Office to uphold when they declare their candidacy.  That's why we hold our Presidential Caucus on a single day with paper ballots and precinct - based voting. Absentee ballots are available only for active duty military and their dependents.
  • Caucusing has been our process in Nevada since 1981 - because it works. Right now, no one looks at a Democrat-run election, where results say one thing Election Day, and another 2 weeks later after the totals come out of smoke-filled dark rooms, and thinks this is the best way to do it. It's easy for voters too - our 2016 Republican Presidential Caucus had a higher voter turnout than the GOP Senate Primary held the same year. The caucus process is the easiest, simplest form of voting - in your neighborhood, showing you are who you say you are, where the votes are counted right in front of you. Nevada is normally known for being good at counting (chips, cards, etc), and that's why caucus results are released that same night. Democrats can wait two weeks to get results - us Republicans will get our results on February 8, 2024.

I mentioned earlier - if you wonder why Republicans have suddenly been infected with a hatred for Voter ID and a newfound love for mass mailed ballots - it's always about the Benjamins. 

Why would any Republican push a month-long election where ballots litter the streets like trash, there's no Voter ID, and Democrat election officials count the ballots in secret? Well, I have a dirty secret to share with you, dear reader. Political consultants make more money the longer the election is. They make money on sending mail, buying TV ads to bombard you with canned sound bites, and inundating your phone with pressure tactic texts. 

What they don't make money on is talking directly to voters - to We The People - to express their policies, ideas, and vision for a better America. Nevada does not have a Presidential Primary, nor has it since 1981. We elect our Republican Presidential Nominee via a caucus system, which allows all Republican voters a voice in the process - and actually a much louder voice than the primary process. Candidates are not selected - every registered Republican can cast a vote the night of the caucus to elect their preferred nominee. 

States with primaries are typically dominated by whomever can spend the most money on television ads to persuade low information voters. In the superior caucus system, candidates must campaign directly to grassroots voters and organize their supporters. This equalizes the playing field between candidates, as it depends on their message and organizing ability, and less on a cash advantage. This also saves taxpayers $5 million, as they do not have to fund a meaningless state-run primary. 

We think candidates should campaign directly to the people. We think candidates should ask you for your vote. No politician should take your vote for granted. And we're proud to show the State of Nevada how to run an election the right way. 

Save the Date and clear your calendar - Election Night, not Election Month. Make your plans to be there - Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 5 PM - sign up here

We will never give up the fight for clean, fair, and transparent elections. While the Democrats stonewalled Governor Lombardo's election reforms, they have no say over how we choose our next Republican President. We are going to ensure that our elections show the gold standard for how elections can, and should, be run in the state of Nevada. 

God bless you and God bless Nevada,

Chairman Michael J. McDonald
Nevada Republican Party

P.S. In case you missed it, August 23rd was National Poll Worker Recruitment Day. Click on Rosie The Election Worker below to find the process to apply in your county. We need Republicans on the front lines for the Senate and state-level races in June - and you get paid to be there! Check it out here!