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    September 30, 2020
  COVID-19 Relief Package Updates and Voter Information  
Dear Friends and Colleagues, please: 

Continue Speaking up for Arts Sector Relief

Congress is nearing agreement on a spending package to keep the federal government running through early December, and policy makers are still at odds over the content and scale of the next COVID-19 relief package. Negotiations are still underway, with new proposals being crafted before Congress returns home for the election. It is essential that we all continue speaking up to support those who make a living from the arts and arts and entertainment related work!

PAA member organizations, along with associates from the nonprofit sector have reached all Senate offices and 355 House congressional district offices to call for urgently needed federal support for the arts sector and its workforce. Advocacy is taking place in all kinds of ways -- in person, at virtual town halls, and in small strategic meetings. Please refer to our talking points in the link below, which are aligned with the broader arts and nonprofits sector, and also contact your national arts service organization, to share information about your engagement with elected officials. Please see the link to our current campaign, along with additional information and recent statements that have been advanced with national coalition partners below:

Get out and VOTE

501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations can engage in non-partisan voter engagement activity that encourages all voters to register and participate in the election process. Nonprofits are allowed to expend funds and take public positions on referenda, ballot initiatives, propositions, and tax levies. What they cannot do is cross the line into party or candidate endorsement: supporting the election or defeat of any candidate for office is strictly prohibited.
Please share the following resources with your network:              
The Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) is a 501c4 multi-disciplinary coalition of national service organizations from the professional nonprofit performing arts field. Through legislative and grassroots action, PAA advocates before the U.S. Congress and key policy makers for national policies that enhance and foster the contributions the performing arts make to America.