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    November 19, 2021
  Employee Retention Tax Credit Curtailed as Infrastructure Bill Passes  

Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

We wanted to take a moment to update you on the recently passed Infrastructure Bill and ask for your support in continuing to contact Congress in support of the arts and all nonprofits. 

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress was signed into law by the President on Monday, November 15. Federal agencies have begun working to write and implement the fine print on the new investments. This summary by Independent Sector outlines key provisions including community and workforce investments, broadband access expansion, and energy efficiency grants that will be of interest to all arts organizations and nonprofits everywhere. Along with these opportunities, as expected, the legislation repeals the 2021 fourth quarter access to the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC).

PAA and the wider nonprofit sector-and our collective memberships-continue to advocate for retention of the ERTC. The next opportunities for reinstatement will come as Congress considers the massive reconciliation spending package under negotiation and takes up a year-end tax package. 

Thank you to all of you who continue to speak up to Congress to support ERTC reinstatement! In the meantime, here are two immediate steps you can take:

  • Please continue to contact members of Congress to explain how important the ERTC is for your organization and the workforce it supports. Talking points that can be personalized are available by clicking this link.
  • Please also continue to share the value of the ERTC, for your organization, with your member service group. Any information you share regarding the impact and availability of relief funding is invaluable in ongoing communication with key offices on the Hill.

Please also check your member organization website for additional information related to your specific work area.

Sending our best wishes for continued progress and all our recovery. 

The Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) is a 501c4 multi-disciplinary coalition of national service organizations from the professional nonprofit performing arts field. Through legislative and grassroots action, PAA advocates before the U.S. Congress and key policy makers for national policies that enhance and foster the contributions the performing arts make to America.