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Tell Congress to Support the RECOVER Act
Urge your representatives to support the RECOVER Act, which would allocate federal grants to states and municipalities to invest in improving their recycling programs and infrastructure, including upgrading facilities that recycle and enhancing the recovery of materials.
Recycle More in Seattle
Tell your local lawmakers that you want to be able to recycle more plastic materials, and that a new report from a group of industry partners shows that a simple “secondary sort” can make that possible.
Tell Your Legislators You Care about Recycling in Indiana
Contact your state officials today and ask them about your state’s recycling system.
Recovering Plastics in Portland
The plastics industry sponsored a project in Portland, Oregon to comb through bales of material that had already been processed in a material recovery facility and were going to be sent to landfill. This "secondary sort" was meant to capture missed material -- material that...