Stand Up for Clean Water
Dear TU Colleagues, Friends, Supporters: 

Please take a moment to express your opposition to EPA's proposal to rescind the Clean Water Rule and your support for protecting the Nation's headwater streams and wetlands.  In a very busy year, this is one of the most important actions we are asking you to take.

Earlier this month the EPA announced a proposed rule that would rescind the 2015 Clean Water Rule. The 2015 Clean Water Rule did a good job of clarifying and restoring Clean Water Act protections for headwater streams and wetlands. President Trump directed his EPA to rescind the 2015 Clean Water Rule and revert back to a far less protective standard. The new proposal includes a
very short 30-day comment period for public feedback on the rollback process.   

Providing less protection for America's headwater streams and wetlands, and allowing them to be more vulnerable to pipelines, gas development, and other forms of development, makes no sense.  

Headwaters are the genesis of our country's iconic rivers. The Clean Water Rule was designed to ensure that our nation's small waters remain intact, and that the water flowing from them is fresh and clean. These waters are the spawning and rearing waters for trout, salmon and other wild and native fish that contribute greatly to the $50 billion recreational fishing industry in the United States. What's more, these streams send clean water downstream, where it's used to water our crops, cool our industrial generators and provide clean, fresh drinking water for our cities and towns.

Clean water is not a political issue. Protecting our watersheds and ensuring that clean, fresh water is available for fish, farms and communities is not an option - it is a responsibility.

It is critical that we let EPA know how important clean water and healthy watersheds are to sportsmen and women.  Please contact the EPA and oppose its proposal to rescind the Clean Water Rule and support the 2015 Clean Water Rule in order to protect the Nation's headwater streams and wetlands.

For questions about this action, please contact the government affiars team at


Steve Moyer
Vice President for Government Affairs
Trout Unlimited 
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