Tell Legislators to say NO to Tolling!
Restaurants rely on good roads to bring tourists into the state and allow for the cheap, speedy and safe transport of goods needed on a daily basis.  WRA is ALARMED legislative leaders are willing to consider toll roads as a way to raise revenue for repairs and expansion of interstate highways. With tolling, comes the federal government's permission to privatize interstate rest areas and remove exits - like the interstate oasis's and exits that surround Chicagoland.

Privatized rest areas and limited exits would be devastating to the restaurants and other small businesses that have built at exits along the highway!

In addition, in order to avoid paying tolls, cars and large trucks will use the ancillary roads near interstate highways. This will cause increased wear and tear on those roads, causing even more road repair expense. It is a myth that only tourists and large trucks pay tolls. Everyone in Wisconsin will be unfairly affected by tolls.

Take Action Now!!!!!   Tell your legislator that you do not support the use of tolling to fix Wisconsin roads!   The WRA supports a small increase in the gas tax (e.g. 5 cents) or registration fees ($25) in order for Wisconsin to get back on track in road repairs.
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