ACT NOW: Two minutes today could save you from paying Personal Property Tax in the Future!

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald was quoted in an article this weekend saying that repeal of the personal property tax "doesn't seem to have as much momentum right now" as it has in the past.
This means that he has not been hearing from businesses asking for full repeal. Please take a minute right now to either call or email your elected official along with Senator Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Vos.
Now is the time! If repeal is not included in the budget we lose the momentum and the opportunity to achieve full repeal of this archaic and unfair tax.

Letter Instructions 

The letter can be sent as-is, but it is more effective if you include personalized information.

The letter can be edited to include:

  • Your business name, location and number of employees.  Include other general information about your business.
  • Include items that you currently pay personal property tax on, for example, “I am currently paying personal property tax on desks that are more than 20 years old and not worth a dime on the market, but still subject to the personal property tax."
  • If you benefited from savings in 2018, share your appreciation and how you spent the money, for example, “The recent exemption provided my business with $5000 worth of tax relief. We used this money to purchase a new commercial oven.” 
  • Include any other relevant information as this is YOUR communication and opportunity to comment on the issue.

Now is the time to repeal this archaic and unfair tax!

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