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Contact Your State Legislators. Protect Patient safety in Florida.
Patient safety is at risk in Florida.  Use this advocacy tool to contact your Florida state legislators.  Ask them to preserve Florida's standards of safe eye surgery.  

In 2017, the Florida legislature considered a proposal posing a grave danger to patient safety.  The legislation would have given optometrists--who are not medical doctors--a blank check to perform hundreds of delicate eye surgeries with lasers, scalpels, and needles. It would have also given optometrists complete prescription authority to prescribe all controlled substances (except schedule I), thereby adding approximately 4,000 new prescribers of highly addictive opioids.

  • There is no "shortcut" to becoming a surgeon.  It requires years of medical education and surgical training
  • This proposal would have allowed optometrists (non-medical doctors) to become surgeons through legislation while bypassing the necessary years of medical education and surgical training requirements. 
  • If enacted, the proposal would have increased patient safety risks and resulted in lower quality of patient surgical outcomes.
Florida eye patients could be at risk again in 2019.  Email your Florida state legislators by using the form below.  Ask them to protect Florida's high standards of patient safety and to "Vote NO" on any similar proposals that may be introduced for the 2019 legislative session.  
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