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FL - Stop a Flavor Ban (VETO SB 810)! (UPDATED)
(Update - 06.25.20)
With states’ economies coming back to life, so are state governments. The likelihood of Governor DeSantis making a decision about SB 810 (Flavor Ban) is increasing by the day.

We need everyone in Florida to make contact with the governor by email, phone, and tweet, urging him to VETO SB 810.

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Suggested Talking points to include in your messages, calls, and spoken comments:
  • Share your story with officials about switching to vapor products instead of continuing to smoke. (Be sure to mention any health changes you’ve experienced.)
  • Online sales bans deny access to safer alternatives to people who can’t travel to a vape shop. At the same time, this ban would protect sales of combustible cigarettes which are sold in almost every convenience store and gas station in Florida.
  • Third-party age verification platforms are already required by several states for online sales and are arguably more reliable than face-to-face ID checks.
  • Banning online sales ignores the primary sources of nicotine products for young people. Namely social sources like friends and family and social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

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