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NY - Stand Up To Vaping/Flavor Bans!
(Update - 03.23.20)

As mentioned in our previous update, S. 7507-A, Part Q is laced into a must-pass appropriations bill, which is part of Governor Cuomo’s New York State budget. The governor is stating that the budget will be passed on time even with an April 1 deadline and the state on “P.A.U.S.E.”

While it is almost unimaginable that such a Draconian policy proposal like a vaping flavor ban would be advancing in the midst of a global disease pandemic, it is not surprising that officials and activists are using this opportunity to fear monger and disenfranchise stakeholders (who, for the most part, are respectfully adhering to “stay-at-home” orders).

In addition to sending a message and making phone calls, please take advantage of the NY Senate’s online engagement platform for legislation. Follow the link below to add your comment to the bill and vote “Nay” on this legislation.
Points to include in your comments, phone calls, and spoken testimony:
  • Briefly, share your story about switching to vaping and what role that flavors played in helping you switch.
  • Note any health changes you’ve experienced.
  • Briefly, discuss what losing access to local vape shops will mean for you (Will you shop out-of-state, in neighboring cities, or online? Will you make your own e-liquid at home or purchase products on an underground market?).
  • Additional talking points for testimony and emails are available here.
  • Watch these comments from San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar - YouTube
  • Read this article: “A Scientist Persuaded Italy to Exempt Vape Shops From COVID-19 Lockdown”, Filtermag .org

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