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No on Banning Traditional Family Values from Colorado's Schools
House Bill 19-1032 requires schools that provide comprehensive sex education to teach pro-LGBTQ sex education while banning the teaching of religious or values-based sex education. Furthermore, this bill bans public schools providing comprehensive sex education from teaching there are two genders.

A vast majority of the world's population understands human sexuality within the confines of a religious worldview. While claiming to be "comprehensive," this bill is anything but comprehensive. It prevents educators from informing students that religion or values can guide sexual activity.

This bill violates its own attempts to be "comprehensive" and "culturally sensitive." It will force schools to promote a liberal understanding of human sexuality while banning all others.

HB19-1032 is an attempt by the state of Colorado to expose all kids to a pro-LGBTQ sex education agenda while banning traditional family values.

Maintain your right as a parent to oversee what is taught to your children. Send an email to your representative and senator today asking them to vote NO on HB 19-1032, a bill "Concerning Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education."
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