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Add your name to call for fair taxation of government retirees in NC
Show your support for eliminating the state income tax on government retirees’ hard-earned retirement benefits! 

Please take a moment to add your name to our petition calling on state legislators to end the unfair tax treatment of many of North Carolina's military, state, federal and local government employees' retirement benefits.
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The 4th Branch is a coalition of government employee and retiree organizations committed to leveling the playing field in North Carolina for ALL government retirees through fair taxation. Currently only retirees that were vested in a qualifying retirement system by August 12, 1989 are not taxed on their pensions. 

We served in the military, federal, state or local government. We are retired teachers, firefighters, police, veterans and others you see daily. And when it comes to taxation, we are treated very differently.

For every $1 a government retiree saves in state income tax, North Carolina accrues $2.5 in economic benefits. Allowing ALL government retirees to deduct state, local or federal retirement benefits from their adjusted gross income is good policy.

  • Without the need to save for retirement, government retirees direct most of their income BACK into the local economy which equals more sales tax revenue. 
  • New retirees would be attracted to North Carolina with no taxation of government benefits.  Most buy homes - and about 20 percent are new housing which generates jobs directly and spending.  
  • Retirees use fewer public services.  Without their own children in school, property taxes from just two retiree households can support one school child in their community.
  • Most government retirees are motivated to volunteer in their communties.  Based on our recent study, volunteer activities and skill contributions were worth nearly $150 million per year to the state.

We call on North Carolina's leaders to tax ALL government retirees the same - regardless of when they were vested. Honor the service of current and future retirees and encourage them to make North Carolina their retirement destination.

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