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Oppose California's Nurse Staffing Ratio Bill

California's Nurse Staffing Ratio Bill (Senate Bill 227) would create an unnecessary, duplicative penalty system for hospitals that do not meet the nurse staffing ratios, even for a short period with no risk of patient harm.

The bill, as amended, would require hospitals to exhaust their “on-call” list of nurses before utilizing an available onsite nurse. Hospitals use a variety of available options (management, charge nurses, on-call, float pool, etc.) to provide appropriate coverage. Not all institutions have or use the same options in the same manner.

It would be difficult to require a hospital to bring in an “on-call” nurse to cover for a nurse who is running 15 minutes late to work, or has left the patient care unit for a short period. In these circumstances, hospitals should be able to take appropriate steps to ensure safe patient care.

Action needed:

Urge your assemblymember to oppose Senate Bill (SB) 227 (Leyva, D-Chino), which would create an unreasonable and duplicative penalty system for hospitals that do not meet nurse staffing ratios. Please do this before the bill is heard on the Assembly Floor, which may happen as soon as Aug. 12.
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