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Bring HCR3 to the Senate Floor for a Vote

On May 11th, the Senate Health and Welfare committee failed to acknowledge the will of the people, science, and medical ethics by voting against HCR3, legislation that would prevent the addition of the covid vaccine and any accompanying boosters to the required list of vaccines for school attendance. 

This measure, while dead in committee, may be revived if brought to the Senate floor with a discharge petition. 

Contact your State Senator: let them know that the shot should not be added to the required list for school attendance and that you fully support a discharge petition to bring it to the Senate floor. 

Talking Points:

  • Covid-19 is not a "vaccine-preventable disease".  Immunization requirements are for "vaccine-preventable diseases" as specified in the law.
  • We are the ONLY state in the country doing this. We are not more liberal than New York or California!
  • LDH's proposed rule discriminates against minority and underserved populations - families on public assistance like Medicaid can NOT use the regular exemption form that Senator Boudreux waved in the committee hearing on Wednesday (go to 11:28 and then 29:20 when Attorney General Jeff Landry tries to explain it to him but Senator Boudreux refuses to listen).  They have to go through an EXTRA step, making it more burdensome for them. 
  • It is completely unnecessary - according to CDC data published this month, 75% of children and teens already have natural immunity
    • According to a Public Records Request, there have only been 803 total deaths in Louisiana due to covid alone (no comorbidities).
  • The rule is unreasonable and discriminatory against students who are not vaccinated - they will have to miss school for 14 days EVERY TIME there are TWO positive cases in their class (LDH defined an "outbreak" as 2 or more cases).
  • The vast majority of parents DO NOT KNOW they can file an exemption! LDH and schools continually misrepresent the law, telling parents their child can not attend school if they do not comply with immunization requirements without mentioning the option of filing an exemption. 
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