Indiana Liberty Coalition

Stop LGBT Indoctrination in Plymouth Schools.
The Indiana Liberty Coalition was sent a copy of an assignment recently given to eighth graders at Lincoln Junior High School during health class. The students watched a video called LGBTQ: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities, then were instructed to fill out the following assignment.  

With NO Parental Consent! 

The list of questions on this assignment were as follows:
  1. What is sexual orientation? 
  2. What is gender?
  3. At what age do kids start being exposed to gender stereotypes?
  4. What is an LGBTQ ally?
  5. What is gender expression?
  6. What is “coming out”?
  7. Name at least 3 resources that you can use to support you if you come out?
  8. What does GSA stand for and what does it do?
  9. What are 2 things you can do to show support of the LGBTQ community?
This has nothing to do with health, but instead the promotion of the LGBT political agenda. It does NOT belong in the classroom.

We petition the Plymouth school system to IMMEDIATELY remove this curriculum from their classes.

Will you join our efforts in saying "NO" by signing our petition?

You can also contact the Plymouth School Board to share your concerns. 
Melissa Christiansen (Secretary)                        
Larry Holloway (Vice President)                        
Larry Pinkerton (Member)                     
Todd Samuelson (President)     
Petition Text
Indoctrination and promotion of the LGBT agenda has nothing to do with health class and should be removed IMMEDIATELY.
We call upon the School board and the School Superintendent to put a stop to this cirriculum. 

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