Eastertide blessings, 

As the Kansas Legislature returns to Topeka this week, I am respectfully asking that you consider taking a few minutes to contact your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to support the veto override on the “Fairness in Women’s Sport Act,” known at the Statehouse as SB 160. http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2021_22/measures/sb160/

Few topics generate more heat and emotion in the public square, and precious little light, than definitions and role of human sexuality.  This is not a debate the Catholic Church asked for—it has been imposed upon us. The discussion of “transgender” participation in youth sports is national and international “news.” 

Now, the people of Kansas face this very question. 

The Legislature has passed a bill that says participation in sports competition sponsored by public educational institutions is to be designated based on biological sex.  You can read the bill here:  http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2021_22/measures/sb160/

From the perspective of the Kansas Catholic Conference, it must be stated first and foremost that Mother Catholic Church has always taught that all people are to be treated with dignity and respect.  This includes—though is not limited to—those who do not agree with or seek to live by the time-tested Christian vision and invitation of authentic human sexuality. 

That being said, Pope Francis has repeatedly communicated the dangers of what the world calls “gender identity.”  Certainly no one can accuse the Holy Father of being anything but a teacher of compassion.  He seeks to speak the truth, with love. 

Likewise, the Catholic Bishops of the United States have declared: 

“Children, youth, and parents in these difficult situations deserve compassion, sensitivity, and respect,” the bishops said. “All of these can be expressed without infringing on legitimate concerns about privacy and security on the part of the other young students and parents.” (From May 16, 2016 statement by USCCB authored by Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo, chairman of the bishops' Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, and by Archbishop George Lucas, who chairs the bishops' Committee on Catholic Education.)

The Kansas Fairness in Women’s Sports Act does indeed address “legitimate concerns about privacy and security,” not to mention basic fairness in sports competition.  All students may compete in sports in line with their biological sex. No one is excluded. 

Please reach out to your legislators through the prepared message—and please add your own personal thoughts.  Respectfully ask that they support the veto override of the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.  Thank you. 



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