Contact your elected officials to implore the Trump administration to amend its position on GERD
Please watch this 2min clip and take action!

Take Action – Lend Your Voice!

The Minnesota-Midwest GERD Support, in collaboration with Ethiopian Waters Advocacy Council and Ethiopian American Civic Council, has organized a letter-writing campaign.

The goal of this campaign is to urge members of the US Congress to work with the Trump administration to correct its position on the issue of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), a dispute involving Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan.

We hope that you will take action by submitting the letter embedded in the section below.
*****This action is different from signing a petition. The letter you submit goes directly to individuals that represent you in the United States Congress.****

Ethiopia is currently constructing a multi-billion-dollar dam over the Nile River. The project is funded solely by Ethiopian citizens without any foreign aid. GERD will play a pivotal role in lifting millions of Ethiopians out of abject poverty and overreliance on foreign aid.

The Trump administration is putting extreme pressure on the Ethiopian government during the negotiation with Egypt and Sudan, violating Ethiopia’s inherent and sovereign right to use the Nile River equitably.

Key facts
  • About 86% of the water that flows into the Nile originates in Ethiopia.
  • According to the World Bank Report, Ethiopia has an acute shortage of electricity, with 55% of the estimated 110 million people without access to electricity. In contrast, almost 100% of the estimated 100 million people in Egypt have access to electricity.
  • The government of Egypt maintains a position that the 1959 colonial-era agreement between Egypt and Sudan is the legal framework for the allocation of the waters of the Nile. Ethiopia was not a signatory of this agreement.
  • The 1959 agreement allocated all the Nile River’s waters to Egypt and Sudan but afforded no water to Ethiopia. The same agreement gives Egypt veto power over any project on the Nile River.
  • The Ethiopian government has taken extraordinary steps to meet a long list of demands from Egypt and Sudan.
  • The Trump administration has threatened to withhold direct aid and loans as a tool to pressure the Ethiopian government to agree to a deal that is neither fair nor equitable. Such moves will lead to the destabilization of the second-most populous country in Africa with far-reaching consequences in an already volatile region.
  • The Trump administration’s stance on this issue is contrary to American values and basic principles of freedom as it disregards the aspiration of 110 million citizens of Ethiopia who have sacrificed immensely to break from a vicious cycle of poverty.

Be the voice of the voiceless. Take action. Tell your representatives to contact the Trump administration.
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