Pet Food Institute

The Problem: 

Pet food makers are experiencing ingredient marketplace disruption due to government mandates and tax credits promoting the expansion of renewable diesel.

State and federal actions have created unintended consequences in the supply and demand for animal- and plant-based oils and fats, which are critical ingredients for pet nutrition and health.  

The Impact:

Pet food makers are facing prices two and three times their market cost due to unfair competition for fats and oils with fuel producers. 

In addition to higher prices, there is a scarcity of these ingredients now, and this is expected to continue until these market disparities are addressed.

The Solution:

PFI and pet food industry allies have created this advocacy campaign to ask Congress not to advance mandates and incentives for renewable diesel that use or include the fats and oils that are historically used in human and pet food.  

Next Steps:

Join PFI’s advocacy campaign to make your voice heard. Tell Congress to feed people and pets first! 

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