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Special Act Public School Districts are subject to all of the mandates, regulations and expenses of public school districts, and struggle to suvive on an inadequate funding formula and a very high-need student population. The 2017-18 NYS Budget must address this issue.
Please support adjustments to the school district tax levy cap. The tax levy limit has been in place since 2012, and while we acknowledge its popularity with many legislators and taxpayers, with time it has become apparent that adjustments are needed. The maximum...
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Please support efforts to update the NYS Regional Cost Index (RCI) and ensure that labor costs in every county are appropriately reflected in State aid formulas. Students in our area are being shortchanged by state aid calculations that use an inaccurate cost index...
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We need your support! The New York State real property tax law does not consistently ensure that school districts receive taxes on state owned properties such as correctional facilities. While New York State pays taxes on 19 correctional facilities, it pays no taxes on the...
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