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Let's Increase Access to Genetic Counselors

Too many people living with a neuromuscular disease (NMD) have difficulty obtaining an accurate diagnosis. This “diagnostic odyssey” can take years or decades to resolve and leads to frustration and hardship for patients and their families who want answers and appropriate treatments.

One way to shorten this diagnostic odyssey is to increase access to genetic counselors, who can help people obtain and interpret genetic testing. Unfortunately, there are just not enough counselors to meet the demand, and those with an NMD miss out on needed care.

However, Congress can act by supporting the Access to Genetic Counselor Services Act (HR 3876/ S. 2323), which would:

  • Increase access to genetic services by recognizing genetic counselors as Medicare providers
  • Incentivize hospitals to employ genetic counselors by providing a favorable reimbursement rate for their services under Medicare Part B.  This ensures that hospitals and patients do not have to bear the brunt of the cost of these services. 
  • Increase patient access by allowing for coverage of genetic counseling services in both in-person and telehealth settings.

Urge your members of Congress to support the Access to Genetic Counselor Services Act (HR 3876/ S 2323) today!

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