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Urge DOT to Improve Flying for Wheelchair Users

Big news! The Department of Transportation (DOT) released a monumental proposal on improving air travel for wheelchair users. This announcement aims to reinforce the safety, rights, and dignity of travelers with disabilities by strengthening current air travel regulations and would have a huge impact if finalized.

Highlights of this proposal include:

  • Creating new standards to require airlines to ensure that passengers using wheelchairs can promptly board the aircraft and de-plane, a sorely needed reform.
  • Mandating training for airline personnel and crew members that assist with passenger seat transfers and stowage of passenger wheelchairs and mobility devices to reduce injuries and wheelchair damage.
  • Providing onboard wheelchairs to be available on most commercial flights to facilitate passenger mobility while onboard the aircraft.
  • Offering greater transparency to wheelchair users regarding the size constraints of aircraft cargo holds to ensure that passengers can travel with their wheelchairs.
  • Requiring airlines to provide passengers with options to repair and replace mishandled wheelchairs and mobility devices.

But the DOT needs to hear from you if we want these reforms to be final. 

Will you send a letter to DOT today? If so, you can use our sample letter. Also, feel free to customize our sample letter to make your comments even more impactful. In particular, please share why the following topics or proposals would improve your flying experience.

  1. Improving training of airline and airport personnel who assist wheelchair users on and off airplanes. 
  2. Improve training of the personnel who handle the stowage of wheelchairs.
  3. Share your experience with broken or damaged wheelchairs. 

Thank you for all you do!

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